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Let me tell you about us:

Someone to Trust is a Chicago-area initiative committed to helping Chicago-area residents make their wishes for healthcare known. It is important that people routinely discuss their preferences for healthcare and select an appropriate agent to speak for them if they are unable to speak for themselves. This process is called advance care planning.

We also make sure systems are in place in healthcare institutions so this information is available when needed. Someone to Trust is about peace of mind; its about knowing your preferences for your own healthcare are honored and followed. (This initiative grew out of a response to the tragic Terri Schiavo case).

The Someone to Trust refers to the person whom you trust to make the medical decisions that you would want. In Illinois, this person is known as the agent. The legal document that conveys this authority is known as the durable power of attorney for healthcare.

Our goal is to have all Chicagoans who enter the hospital have a completed durable power of attorney for healthcare and to have had meaningful conversations with their agent prior to a crisis.

The Someone to Trust initiative is funded by grants and should be viewed as a health communications initiative.

Here is what we need:

We are looking for a logo that incorporates the Someone to Trust name and tagline Choosing Someone to Trust with Your Healthcare Decisions.

Our target audience is:

Target audience is all Chicago-area residents over the age of 18. However, our largest audiences will be the elderly and healthcare providers. We are the first initiative to introduce a comprehensive advance care planning program to Chicago as an area-wide initiative.

We like these designs:

Our current logo (yes, it's currently very "simple") consists of two circles, one shaded darker and positioned behind the other to represent two people. The circle in the background is meant to represent the someone to trust or the person who is backing you up. We do not have a problem with the concept so much as the art is not as sophisticated as we would like.

To view the logo as it lives on the website, go to www.someonetotrust.org.

The design should be welcoming, reassuring and reinforce the goals of the initiative. Because we have such a broad audience, the fonts and colors should appeal to a large audience.

Our design absolutely must have:

The name of the initiative Someone to Trust and the tagline Choosing Someone to Trust with your Healthcare Decisions.

Things we dont like or don't need for this project or other things to avoid using, doing, seeing, etc.

Very unusual or somewhat somber colors are not desirable. Likewise, fonts should appeal to a very broad audience.

Thank you for your hard work!!



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