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We help create just, joyful, and strategic workplace collaborations. We offer facilitation, strategic planning, conflict transformation, leadership coaching, organizational structure design, and culture shift support.
We work with purpose driven groups; primarily nonprofits and social enterprises. We work with a clear framework around identity, equity, trauma, and oppression. We want to connect to groups that want to embody their values of equity and justice while remaining effective; and we want to connect with groups that are struggling to be effective, but have yet to understand how the tensions in their organization may be related to patterns of social conditioning and limits of dominant ideologies. www.harmonize.work.


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Harmonize: People. Power. Process.

Top 3 Things

(1) We work lovingly with the sticky dynamics related to race, gender, class, ability, etc.
(2)We are emotionally and spiritually attuned.
(3)We help people create new realities to live in that are in harmony with their full selves and natural processes in the world.


The ideal is something that can evoke a balance between grassroots justice movement, meditation retreat, and mainstream leadership consultant. I'm hoping to see something unique, and I have a pretty high tolerance for artistic interpretation.

Additional Info

the website is www.harmonize.work. Its very incomplete at the moment but you can get a little sense of the aesthetic I'm trying to create for this.



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