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Kiddogames is a gaming-website specially for kids. No adult games, but in-deepth reviews, written on a level that is easy do understand for kids. Further more, the site is going to feature sections for learning software and help for parents on how to choose the right games for their kids. The site is going to feature all current consoles (PC as well).

We are in an early stadium. This is the wp theme we are going to use, the colors will pretty much the same (except for the background / header which will switch to white or at least some bright color).

http://www.wpnow.com/demo/#gamenow. Logo will take place on the upper left.

We are looking for a logo that shows cleary what the site is about: Videogames that are suitable for kids. Therefore we are interested in a colorful logo, which should match the site's colors (remember, probably white or bright background for the logo). Feel free to use whatever subjets you want to include as long as it fits the idea.



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