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This logo is for the re-naming/re-branding of an existing parent/holding company. The company is publicly traded and has seen recent rapid growth.

Our ten year old company offers excess inventory selling solutions to major brand name manufactures, distributors, and retailers with whom we have ongoing relationships.

It stands to reason that, sometimes, even the best brands dont sell out in stores. There is a finite amount of room in warehouses, and when the model 5 comes out, they've got to get rid of the model 4.

Thats where our company comes in. Were a bit like an enzyme. When top brands add us into their cluttered warehouse we help them get value from their excess inventory. Were also a bit like alchemists, turning the invaluable into something valuable.

We're asset recovery specialists and are true partners with our sellers. We advise them on which sales channel to list their products and then ensure those customers buy the products.

Weve got 5 channels/companies (this number could grow) to help those brands sell their excess inventory:

1) eCommerce Web site

2) Auction Web Site

3) Business-to-Business Specialists

4) Enterprise software licensing (web services)

5) Live physical facilities liquidation events

The company interfaces with sellers, investors, and media. It does not have mindshare with the average consumer.

The Enable Holdings logo needs to feel:

1) Established

2) Conservative (easy on the Web 2.0 logo trends)

3) Technology Driven

4) No-Nonsense

5) Machine-like execution and scalability

6) Comprehensive Selling Solutions Partner

7) Trust

I'm looking for something clean, strong, corporate, and attractive. It must appeal to sellers and investors/shareholders.

Colors and typeface are open-ended. We've got a clean slate with the branding initiative.

This logo will be used on a website, on business cards, on stationary, polo shirts, and essentially any place you could imagine.



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