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Torino Capital is a financial services company that provides investment research for institutional money-manager clients like mutual funds and hedge funds (not for retail investors). We write research reports that analyze stocks and have buy/sell recommendations. As a brokerage firm, there is also a trading desk that executes client orders. While we dont offer the following services, please also think about related services like equity financings, mergers and acquisitions advice, and asset management to understand the overall nature of the business and the industry. So its a financial services company, we sell investment research reports, the clients are mutual funds and hedge funds, and important company branding concepts are things like professionalism, excellence, reliability, quality of execution.


The Torino Capital logo will be used across a variety of media, but probably the two most important places of use are at the top of research reports (helping to brand the product/service) and on the website. The logo will also appear on PowerPoint presentations, business cards, letterhead, envelopes, etc. What we need is a logo that is professional, simple, and clean. The logo will probably be evenly balanced with a graphic element on the left and text on the right. Any graphical element would either be very subtle (like www.credit-suisse.com) or co-exist pretty evenly with the text (like www.capgroup.com or www.palicapital.com) in other words not a dominant graphical element.


Target customers are large institutional money managers. These are companies like big mutual funds and hedge funds. These are our clients they buy our research reports to help them make investment decisions. As far as the broader community of clients and users, its a group of people who read papers like the Wall Street Journal or the Financial Times (actually, take a look at those text-based logos no graphics). Clients should think the following about Torino Capital: professional, high quality standards, reliable, consistent execution, precise, responsive, strong, and tech-savvy/modern.


Please see the attached supporting file for details. The font needs to be simple and professional. No italics, no pictures for letters just straight text. I am okay with a serif font and sans serif font so experiment with both but I think my preference is going to be for a sans serif font. In terms of colors Im looking for steel blue, slate blue, blue/gray that sort of scheme. One or two shades of blue would be okay Id consider both. But not more than two probably. It has to look good in black and white and has to scale well to small and big sizes. I like the logo for Capital Group companies and also the one for Matisia. But on the Matisia logo mine would be different in that it would be one color (or two shades of blue) and the text would not be all caps. In terms of what type of graphical element to use, thats a tough one, but thats the challenge. Something extremely simple may even work it could just take some experimentation.

The following are not requirements but are something to think about: Torino is a city in northwest Italy. It is surrounded by the Alps mountains which maybe suggest rock/strength/foundation/stability (the Prudential logo tries to accomplish this: http://www.prudential.com/view/page). Also, Torino means little bull, and the city flag has a bull image: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/File:Flag_o.... Of course in the financial world the bull conveys strength and optimism, like the Merrill Lynch logo (http://4.bp.blogspot.com/_UZImdYAiry8/SN...). These concepts might or might not make it into a logo design. But if they did, they should definitely be much more subtle and suggestive of the themes rather than being overt and realistic (so stylized, not realistic). They probably wouldnt be part of the final logo/design unless you could really think of a really creative way to do it that is subtle/suggestive/stylized.


The logo should have a graphical element on the left side and the word Torino beside it on the right side. The two should be balanced so that neither the graphic nor the text is dominant (if anything the text might be more dominant). The color should be blue (like Caribbean Blue here: http://www.texasbudgetbuildings.com/imag... or like Slate Blue here: http://www.getmetalbuildings.com/wp-cont... The logo preferably would be just one color. However two shades of blue could be okay so long as the final logo works well in a black and white format. We must have the following: a simple, unobtrusive, non-dominating graphical element at left and the word Torino at right. It must be a blue color scheme. What we do not want to see is something that is big, busy, or unprofessional. Please remember its a financial services firm, therefore a professional/simple graphical element (some creativity is okay) and normal text/font (some styling/uniqueness is okay). The point is its not a logo for an ice cream shop, barbeque sauce or plumbing company its a financial services firm.



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