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we are launching a new concept in high-end executive education. A practical, edgy, online course, focussed on giving people the core skills and support to get the rapidly promoted to that corner office, without all of the academic fluff that normally comes with this kind of thing.

** What we envision :

A logotype that works in colour and black and white, and can be used to brand a variety of materials from our websites to course materials to stationary to video content to business cards.

Something distinctive based around the text 'Executive RockStar' (where RockStar is one word) that shows the two components of our brand :

Executive - The trusted corporate, big business elegance, global multinationals, traditional values

Rockstar - The flair, the edge, the confidence to be yourself, the personality that makes you special

** What Executive Rockstar IS about :

Prestige / Top end materials - the logo has to ooze class (with an edge) this isn't a cheap course!

Balancing of the traditional business world with the flair that an individual needs to become known for in order to become a true Rockstar at work.

Strength and elegance - We work with our clients on realizing their own brand, and so our brand needs to be especially strong

** What Executive Rockstar is NOT about :

Music! - forget the electric guitars - Our Executive Rockstar is metaphorical for the affluent lifestyle of someone who is at the top of their game. Think 'effortless affluence' rather than hairy leather clad rock guitarist.

Bling! - forget the raining dollar bills, this is more subtle affluence. Less bling, more $2000 dollar designer suit. Understated, but expensive with a personality and an edge

Sex - This brand has to work in a corporate setting, and unfortunately bikini clad models don't - if only they did!

Web 2.0 logos - Forget the flickr style bold rounded logos, we're an expensive niche offering, not a cheap online service.

We look forward to seeing your creative work!




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