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Established in 1991, we're a unique and specialist business that provides coaching for TV presenters and hosts, individuals that have to be interviewed by the media and general presentation/communication skills. In addition, our sister business, formed in 2004, provides PR and crisis communications services to an eclectic range of clients.

We currently have two logos, one referring to "Pozitiv Productions" (the training and production side) and "Pozitiv Communications" (the PR side). The first logo has been in use since 1991 and the second since 2004.

You can see our current websites at www.pozitiv.com and www.pozitivcommunications.com

I've also uploaded our two current logos. Pozitiv Productions is too dated and obviously lacks colour. The Pozitiv Communications style we like more, however, the over-long horizontal length of the logo has proven to be problematic when trying to format it in certain media.


We want to create a unified, single logo that can be used across both businesses and also for other ventures - a kind of "group" brand if you like. Therefore, the key brand is "Pozitiv" and we need the ability to insert either below or next to it the sub-brand, e.g. "Communications", "Productions", "Media", "Group" etc.

The logo will be used for our new websites as well as business cards and printed materials. In addition, it will also be used on-screen for video and television productions etc.

So, to be clear, we'd like to see the sample logos illustrated as "Pozitiv Productions", "Pozitiv Communications" and "Pozitiv Media" so that we can see how this works when used with our different sister brands.

I might add that the successful designer for this project can potentially expect a lot more work from us - not only on our behalf but also for our clients.


Our clients are generally very prestigious - from political Presidents to TV celebrities to CEO's and we work with individuals from all over the world. They come to us because of our established niche expertise and 90% of our work comes through personal recommendation - hence why our websites are currently looking a little dated and drab, since we haven't, to date, used them as a serious marketing tool. To be frank, we haven't really had to.

However, this is about to change with a freshening up of our image and websites and we see a new logo as being an absolutely integral starting point.

Clients see us as established, personal in approach and, most of all, the very best in the business. We work in an exciting field with exciting people.


We've tried designing a logo in-house using our own designer but in many ways we're far too close to it and are really struggling to come up with something that fits the bill - hence why we're giving it a go on Crowdspring.

Our preference is for something simple with a friendly, modern and professional feel to it. We prefer a sans-serif font and it's important that "Pozitiv" is easy to read - as you can imagine, the unique spelling means that it's easy for people to spell it incorrectly so we don't want to confuse them with too fancy a font.

Colours-wise, we have a preference for a strong blue element although we'd be happy to see alternatives. It may be that you come up with slightly different colours for the different iterations - e.g. one for Pozitiv Productions, one for Pozitiv Communications etc. - to further distinguish them.

We offer a range of services although the common thread is that we're about communication - whether this is through the TV screen, the media or on-stage and whether it be audio, visual or the written word.

In addition, we'd be interested to possibly see the use of the "+" sign within the design, emphasising the "positive" in "Pozitiv"!

However, as I've said, we don't want to restrict your creativity, so if you think you've got something that encapsulates what we're about, go for it.


I think we've outlined our key preferences and I don't want to stifle your creativity by initially putting too many restrictions on your design. The key things for us are that it's simple, clean, friendly and professional yet generic enough for the word "Pozitiv" to be used as a potential "brand" for a number of future services - I guess in the same way that the Virgin logo can be used for a number of different businesses that share a common ethos and core values.



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