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We need a stylish logo for "Reeltopia", a demo reel hosting service we're starting for CG (computer graphics, like Pixar) artists: animators, lighters, modelers, effects artists, etc. We're impressed with the logos we've seen for ECO-Kit and OursLive here, and we're looking for something similarly clean and "web 2.0" without feeling bland and corporate. Ideally, the logo will work on a business card as well as the web.

Reeltopia will offer artists a space to display their demo reels, resumes, and short bios using their choice of dozens of attractive, professional designs. We plan to be for CG artists what BlogSpot is for people wanting a blog... a simple, reliable service that lets them focus on posting content, not on all the random stuff that goes into running a website.

For Reeltopia's logo, we have a vague idea of playing off the "utopia" part of the name. We aren't particularly interested in seeing images of actual film reels or film stock in the logo, since the work that CG artists do today is pretty far removed from actual physical film. Of course, we don't know much about design, so feel free to take any of these concept ideas with a grain of salt.

Our users will be young, tech-savvy artists not unlike yourselves. :) So have fun, we're looking forward to seeing what you come up with!



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