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I am a licensed public adjuster and attorney. I protect business owners' and homeowners' rights of insurance recovery in catastrophic property damage losses, such as wildfires. I work only for the homeowner or business owner, not the insurance company.
I document their claim and advocate for a complete recovery, ensuring that they receive everything they are entitled to under their insurance policy.


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Integral Adjusters, LLC

Top 3 Things

(1) Professionalism (2) Confidence (3) Integrity


The name of the company is meant to express the necessity of having an advocate and expert on the side of the homeowner or business owner. It is essential to anyone wishing to obtain all that they are entitled to under their insurance policy when they have suffered a property damage loss. I want to emphasize that the company is "integral" to their recovery from their insurance company.

Additional Info

I worked for many years doing civil litigation defense work on behalf of the companies who were accused of starting large wildfires. Now I want to advocate and work for the individual homeowners and business owners against their insurance companies. I feel I am uniquely situated as a licensed attorney and public adjuster for this role.

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