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We are a community website for finance professionals called WallStreetOasis.com

The theme of the site has always been monkeys (analysts are commonly called "monkeys" in the industry) and Oasis, in order to promote the feeling of the site being a "sanctuary" away from the rigors of Wall Street where they can go to get advice, laugh, network and learn about other finance careers.

I like the logo I have now but many people have mentioned that it does not look great so I was hoping to make it much more professional while still managing to incorporate the fun nature of the monkey and the blue calming oasis color (that will match the sites background) all while keeping it sleek....not easy!

I prefer to have a sleeker / professional look with the monkey either crawling across the top of the letters, hanging etc - feel free to get creative here.

Young finance professionals and college students looking to break into finance.

see http://www.berningdesign.com/images/port... for an example of a logo I like.

as well as some potential ideas....





...the problem is my name is longer so it complicates the design... but I think with the two themes of "water" / Oasis and monkeys, we should be able to come up with something very cool looking and memorable.

Please see the current logo at WallStreetOasis.com. I think the overall concept of the current logo is in the right direction, I just feel like it could be executed better. A sharper, more exciting monkey outline integrated into the letters better (crawling, hanging, climbing, etc)? Maybe the "i" in Oasis can be a palm tree with the monkey hanging down to reach the Oasis (but only if it doesn't make the design look super busy)? A more subtle, clean looking water pool / "Oasis" might also be beneficial but I am also open to other ideas. If possible I'd like to keep the full name of the site "WallStreetOasis.com" in the logo with the word Oasis some sort of blue.

Please take a look at the site and make sure any shades of color you use match the site. ie, blues should match the shade of blue from the background and a black monkey outline are probably best to keep it clean.




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