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Creative Brief

Who are you?

We are The Alfred Jrgensen Laboratory, a specialist business, located in Copenhagen Denmark.

Established in 1881 the company has been supplying breweries all over the world with pure cultures of brewing yeast used to make beer for almost 130 years.

In many ways the business is the brewing industry's best kept secret. Its products and services have not been actively marketed for more than 20 years, continued growth being acheived by word of mouth recommendation.

Our company purchased the business from its previous owners in 2009 and now aims to tell the world what we can do.

1. We have the world's largest collection of brewing yeast strains - more than 850 different yeasts.

2. They also represent one of the world's most historic collections, having been collected over a more than a century.

3. Our company makes these yeast strains available to brewing companies so that they can make beer with them.

The business is accredited to the BS EN ISO 9001:2008 quality standard.

What do you need?

We need a logo which represents the business and conveys our values. The business is commonly referred to by its initials - AJL - rather than by its full name - "The Alfred Jrgensen Laboratory."

The logo should also incorporate a trademark sign (TM).

We will use the logo on our website, on product literature, and also on labels applied to our yeast cultures.

Who Is Your Audience?

Our customers and prospects are global. We currently supply yeast cultures to breweries in the UK, Denmark, Sweden, Finland, France, Spain, Brazil, Chile, USA, Canada, Australia, the Philippines, Korea, India, Ethiopia, Nigeria, Russia, Poland, Hungary, Romania, Czech Republic, Greece, Belgium, Holland, Vietnam, Germany and many other countries. The logo must have wide international appeal and not give a bad impression or be difficult to read for some.

Our target audience is mainly technical brewery personnel. These people usually have a science degree and are highly professional. They are very quality focussed.

We want to convey that we are a highly professional industry supplier, with long established credentials, and solid industry affiliations. Our two key attributes are:

Reliability - our business can be 100% relied upon to send customers the right yeast at the right time, eliminating any risk for the breweries related to yeast management - our logo must convey an air of professionalism

Choice - with the world's largest collection of brewing yeasts at our disposal we offer endless possibilities for brewers to create new beers - so we're looking for a logo that conveys both optimism and creativity


We Like These Examples

http://www.marksandspencer.com/ - the use of two colours with their three letters seems to work well - and the colours suggest both reliability and modernity

http://www.bloxx.com/ - simple, but effective - the trademark integration into the text of the logo is a nice touch

http://www.bbc.co.uk/ - iconic, but also very easy to read for an international audience

We'd like to be able to choose between logos that are based on 'conservative' colours, such as dark blue and grey, and those based on more modern 'vibrant' alternatives, such as fluorescent green.

We Absolutely Must Have

AJL (can be capitals or lower case, or a mixture)
TM (as a superscript or incorporated into the logo in some way to convery that it is a trademark)



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