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Cantina is a small group of passionate folks that are emotionally invested in our product(s). As a boutique internet consulting firm, we focus on delivering creative and effective solutions to online technical challenges. Our projects vary widely in scope and size, but in any case, were dedicated to finding cost effective means to solve problems quickly and on time.

A logo for print and web. Logo should include the words Cantina Consulting as copy or incorporated into the logo.

People who will be evaluating Cantina Consulting, will be internet savvy, technology and business people. They will be looking for a firm to support their web application development and want to work with a company that understands the dynamics of web 2.0 and how to accommodate ideas about social networking, search technologies and mobile solutions.

Cantina refers to a wine cellar or vault, meaning that it contains elegant, refined solutions that are unique and found nowhere else (the best wine comes from the smallest producer). Just like creating fine wine, it takes time but starts with a great foundation of technology and knowledge blended together to create innovative results.

We like to see ourselves as a small independent boutique outfit, not a mass produced, high overhead, big-label web applications company.

* We cater to an audience looking for a more intelligent product or service (the refined drinker tech connoisseur)

* Low overhead to keep needless costs down

* Use latest, best of breed technology not tied to a legacy

* Can shift gears quickly to take advantage of new trends or opportunities

* High quality per hour worked (effective and productive)

The vault component of the brand had some of these ideas behind it:

* Security the vault is a symbol of security

* Foundations build upon our experience

* Refinement, sagacity, wisdom vaults typically hold something that conveys wisdom or wealth (money, documents, NORAD :), wine)

Some less formal, more bizarre ideas:

* The Cantina as meeting place:

* Meeting of friends, ideas (drinking buddies)

* The Star Wars Cantina cross roads of culture and technology

* Possible tie in to social networking, and bringing mobile devices together in community

* Multi-lingual tie into the best formats, platforms, APIs, online communities, online world

The product(s) we create are special in every way, from the visual design to the underlying technologies that make up final solution.

Please visit our site at: www.cantinaconsulting.com



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