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Creative Brief

ArtQuiver is a new web start-up, in need of a logo. We are a next-generation online art gallery, a website where art-interested consumers can go to buy original paintings from emerging and established artists around the world. (At launch, paintings only, can imagine adding other genres such as sculpture later).

Artists need to apply to have their works listed, so it is not an eBay style open marketplace. The goal is to be a truly global company, carrying the work of thousands of artists, and using best-in-class technology, including visual search, price history tracking and personality assessments to provide customers with the information, comfort and security they need to purchase original art online. Paintings will be priced in the approx $400 to $3000 range.

Our customers will be concentrated in the 25 to 55 age range, web savvy enough to make purchases online, top 20% income earners, culturally aware, college + educated.

The logo must imply a degree of seriousness (as opposed to playfulness) and professionalism. It must suggest a trusted company. These are high dollar purchases, in a high brow world, yet in an unconventional setting (slightly counterintuitive to buy something as alive as original art from a computer monitor). We will need to break the mold of traditional physical galleries to be successful. We should recognize this is a new, innovative concept, a web 2.0 company, and some of the implied maverick-ness may come out through the logo as well. Therein lies the challenge.

The name is one word. It is a hypothesis that the logo should be in all caps, but we would consider others (the official company name has the A and Q capitalized as ArtQuiver). A friend came up with one design we would like to see explored here: all caps, with the circle of the 'Q' as a palette, the line becoming a paintbrush. Clever, but we would like to see many other ideas. The logo will be everywhere, in color and black and white, on the web, in print ads, on packaging labels, stationary, etc.

Please include an accompanying color palette that will help inform our visual identity beyond the logo.




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