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Our mission is to help people discover what they want to do next in their careers. The best way to learn about jobs isn't from companies, teachers or parents: it's from the people who have those jobs today. We find these people and bring you their anonymized stories, giving you the most insightful look at life in jobs ever, for free. The product is a mobile app that makes it easy to experience what life is really like in any job. The stories are super honest, allowing you to see what they see, feel what they feel, and hear their inner thoughts. Users say this is the most humanized look at jobs they've ever seen. Users are primarily young, female and college-educated. The stories in the app are short (5-10mins long) and feel like Instagram stories: you tap through screens of text with background images, making it fun and easy to read on the go and feel immersed in the stories. At the end of the day, this feels like you're downloading other people's work experience.

Here's how it all works: we recruit mentors to complete guided journaling exercises about their work experience (day in the life, project they work on, people they work with, how they got there, etc.). Our freelance writers take these journals, anonymize them and convert them into engaging short stories for our mobile app. Users browse our huge library of mentors and filter based on their goals and interests. Each mentor has around 10 stories to experience: the more you experience, the more you learn what life is really like in other jobs. The app is 100% free for users.

Most people feel stuck in their careers: they have no clue what's out there, what they would enjoy and what they think they can be good at. Many of us know what we want to run away from, but not what we want to run toward. And most of us aspire to have mentors help us, but very few of us have access to the mentorship we need..especially those of us who could benefit from it the most.

Our product seeks to change all of that, making it easy and fun explore what's out there. Discover your next move with Workshop.

You can try out our latest mobile prototype here: https://invis.io/ZEPXY2W5BW2 . Workforce Labs is the old name that will be replaced with your Workshop logo you design. Also included is one sample chapter for you to experience if you'd like, under Brianne's profile. Enjoy!


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(1) Feeling good/hopeful about making progress, since most people feel guilty about having put off the hard work of trying to figure out what's next. (2) A sense of delightful discovery about jobs, cultures and themselves (personal preferences, strenghts, etc.), coupled with a willingness to try new things. (3) Humanized and honest.

Additional Info

(1) It's important that our brand does not come off as corporate. We take a much more candid, conversational, no bullshit approach to showing people what jobs are like. That being said, the brand can't be TOO playful, since this is indeed a powerful, professional tool that will be extremely helpful for people. (2) I want the brand to feel very friendly: users hopefully feel like we've got their back, no matter what. I want this product to be one of the greatest sources of hope and empathy ever. (3) The logo will be features on our iOS and Android apps, and will also appear on our website.



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