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What is NANEVA?

NANEVA is a software company whose primary product is TechScan, a breakthrough software solution created for engineers in various industries to provide them with an automated means of detecting potential failure modes in new products and manufacturing processes. Presently, product failure prediction is akin to looking for a black cat in a dark room, without knowing if the cat is even there in the first place. TechScan enables manufacturers to eliminate guesswork from recognizing potential product failures, thus saving millions of dollars through improved product reliability, reduced warranty relief and maintenance costs, and enhanced consumer value. TechScan recognizes potential failures caused by numerous and diverse factors such as mechanical fatigue, thermal and electrical stresses, erosion, corrosion, and many others.

NANEVA's mission is to become the worldwide leader in knowledge-based system diagnostics software by enhancing its customers' competitiveness through the effective development of highly reliable products and processes.

What kind of designs might we like?

We ultimately will want a logo for the product, but at this time, want to start with a logo for the company, NANEVA. We prefer designs that are visually striking and unique, but definitely not loud. Achieving a sense of understated elegance is the objective here. Were open to many different styles and ideas.

For branding purposes, we would like to maintain the companys name in capital letter format. Otherwise, were open to any creative suggestions and designs, so feel free to experiment and see what works and looks best. There are no color preferences that we have at this time, as long as they meet the understated elegance criteria.



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