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Loximi is a new website that offers a service for online dating. Our major goal is to introduce users to each other who are willing to get to know new people, flirt with each other, meet in real life or even start a relationship. Were introducing potential couples to each other based on common interests or behavior. One major element to get to know new people will be games and quizzes that offer an easy and uncomplicated way of getting a conversation started.

But we like to emphasize that we are clearly different from all the other desperate looking dating sites like match.com and eharmony.com (where people would never admit using them). We also focus on combining the evolving trend of social networking with the wish of finding the right partner. Therefore we deeply integrate our product in social networks (e.g. facebook) via facebook applications and facebook connect. But compared to social networks (which focus on existing relationships) we will build new relationships between our users. Our website will have a clear, structured and intuitive design while being a kind of playful (games/quizzes) at the same time.

The website audience will grow very quickly and on a very international level.


An outstanding logo for our new online dating website.

Loximi is a complete fantasy name. But letters like the M or the X offer various opportunities to emphasize the getting to know new people character. The logo should be balanced between a playful, yet professional look. Logo usage will be on the website, online display advertisements, TV & print advertisements, business cards and stationary.


Our customers (most important)

(1)should recognize our service as what we offer: Getting to know new people in a fun way. Young, modern and trustful.

(2)are very self-confident and willing to get to know new people. They are using our service, because we offer methods that enable the users to interact with each other (based on common interests, quiz results or games) without feeling desperate. In addition they are PROUD to date and willing to let their friends know about it.

(3)are (mostly) aged between 18 and 40 years

(4)are international and distributed over the whole world

(5)are open minded and willing to try out something new they are mostly experienced users of social networks

(6)Female customers are our most important customers. They should identify with our brand and feel comfortable using our service. (but the design should be compatible with men as well, as you need mostly both genders to form a couple)

Our business partners

(1)for marketing and doing business should recognize us as a successful upcoming startup. Yes, were doing a kind of dating, but were trustworthy and reliable


We intentionally did not put any reference designs as we want something new and unique.

In general we are fans of bold, strong, memorable logos that manage to be yet simple, balanced and timeless. The logo should reflect the emotional aspect of our service.

We like the design to reflect who we are and especially the objective of our service: Getting to new people in a fun (and not desperate) way. The logo should not be too complex but easily be recognized

It would be great if one part of the logo (letter or symbol) could be used as standalone icon (e.g. as browser icon or icon for a facebook application). It should not annoy the users when being displayed several times in a news stream of a social network.


Almost no limitations at this point. You can choose the color(s) (except for flashy pink) and you can choose between these spellings: loximi, Loximi, LOXIMI.

We would like to see some proposals that have an icon together with loximi or even incorporated into the name as long as it remains legible. The logo should look good on white as well as on dark backgrounds. In addition, it should be working when printed in b/w or gray scales.

We don't like:

Please dont bore us we are excited to post on crowdspring for the first time and expect a lot of forward thinking, innovative and inspiring ideas.

We dont like the typical dating logo with hearts everywhere (please, no hearts!). Although female users are very important to us, the logo should not be totally pink so that all our male customers are running away screaming. The colors of the logo should get along with the colors used in facebook and not causing any type of eye illness. In addition we dont want to look any kind of plastic style.

Nevertheless should it be emotional, no cold business logo. Its for customers which are looking for a partner!



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