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Our company is Elite Camps (www.elitecamps.com). We were established in 1999, and have been running basketball camps, weekly lessons, after school programs, team clinics, and our Elite Advanvced Basketball Academy (EABA) to youth ages 7 to 16 in the Greater Toronto area (GTA) for over 10 years now.

What makes us different is the quality and dedication of our team. Our team is led by experienced instructors who have played and/or coached at the Canadian/US College/University Level and/or European Professional level. Our focus is on individual basketball skill development (as opposed most organization that are clubs focused on winning) and providing age-appropriate programs to help athletes of all ages and abilities.

We have a full-time team, dedicated year-round to Elite Camps to designing, overseeing, and improving our programs and ensuring athletes needs are met. (again - unique given that most clubs are run by volunteer parents and coaches that don't have the time to commit this type of effort).

While we are obviously a basketball organization we are also a "Camp". We follow the standards of the camping industry to ensure we run a safe camp. Parents generally acknowledge the level of attention and care we give to their kids and they trust us with them.

Our site is currently being redesigned so to get a better sense of our current "look and feel" you can also see our development site at: http://dev2.targetdirectories.com/elitec... .


We need a new logo. We've gone through a few rounds of logos over the past 10 years, but we're still very dissatisfied. The main problems with the current one is: it's NOT unique - it's simply a clip art basketball with our name attached to it. So, in addition to it not being unique it can not be used separately from our company name.

The goal is:

to develop a unique symbol that represents our core elements noted above.

the logo should be able to stand alone or with the Elite Camps company name (we'll probably need a new font for this too) or even next to other associated logos (like our EABA program: http://dev2.targetdirectories.com/elitec... or Swish for the Cure program:http://dev2.targetdirectories.com/elitecamps/charity)

The logo would be used in standard places like web site (see dev site listed above), email marketing templates, online email signatures, business cards ,brochures, flyers, advertistements, banners, staionary, etc. However, one unique use that should drive this is that every year we print thousands of t-shirts and other cool gear worn by our campers and staff. The shirts need to be cool, but simple to ease printing costs. You can see samples of these clothing here: http://www.elitecamps.com/elite-gear.php

What we like about our logo now is that it is clear that we are a basketball organization and the logo is flexible - sometimes we print it in single color on white background, sometimes we print it in single color on black background, and sometimes we print it in multi-colour (i.e. t-shirts) on either white, black, or other colors. While it should support the multi-color options noted above for t-shirts I should note that our primary color scheme can be seen on the logo on our dev site and it is black background with whte and red as the secondary colors.

Most of our other iterations have incorporated a "star" into the design somehow and we've liked that as it conveys the fact we feel we are "Elite" or high quality particularly in terms of our staff / instructors.


1) Youth ages 5 to 16: We want them to be able to look at us and think that we are all of the following: 1) cool and fun (especially important for the younger kids), 2) a place where they can improve their basketball skills. We want them to want to wear the clothing outside of camp

2) Staff: We want them to be proud to wear our brand. To think it's a greast team to be a part of and cool clothes to wear.

3) Parents: We want them to see we are a professional organization with high quality standards and that they can trust us with their kids - for safety, for fun, for basketball and life lessons.


We like simple logos but ones that have a hidden message that conveys what the company does or is all about. Like the one I want they can easily support single or multi-colour and with or without the company name, and often either solid or "hollow" / outline.

For example:




kobe brant: http://i186.photobucket.com/albums/x201/...

air jordan: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Jumpman_(lo...


Aritzia: http://img258.imageshack.us/img258/2660/...


must have: unique symbol that can stand with or without the company name. a logo that will let people know we are a high quality basketball oragnization and will be cool to put on gear including clothes. It should even be able to appear next to other logos we may have to convey something like "Elite Adavanced Basketball Camp" (which has it's own logo)...by Elite Camps (which will use this new logo.

As discussed above it must be flexible in terms of the color options.

We definitely don't want more clipart.



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