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Ajijic Real Estate sells residential homes and empty lots in the Chapala region of Mexico. The region attracts the highest concentration of U.S. and Canadian home buyers of any ex-patriot community in the world. The target audience is primarily U.S. citizens and U.S. ex-patriots who have enough cash for all-cash sales purchases. Traditionally, buyers have been in their 60’s and 70’s, but now the age demographic is getting increasingly younger. We’re appealing to a more wealthy American and Canadian who has the finances to purchase a second home with all cash.


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Ajijic Real Estate

Top 3 Things

1. World class leading authority
2. Modern and ELEGANT
3. History of aristocratic Mexican heritage


Modern, bold, clean, confident, 21st Century - and with a sense of Mexican history and elegance - NOT too stark or cold. Need to have a stacked iteration with
Ajijic” above the words “Real Estate,” and another version with all 3 words on one horizontal line. Open to designs with and without an accompany symbol/image. Do not want to see any unnecessary scrolls or extraneous decorations that are part of the current logo.

Additional Info

The logo will need to work on the website, plus business cards, posters, digital and print ads, etc. There are 18 real estate agencies in the region, one being Coldwell Banker. Ajijic Real Estate is one of the top 3 agencies, so it needs to look world class and forward thinking, while working within the designated “Mexican” color palettes, and reflect the company's Mexican aristocratic history . therefore, it cannot be sterile - it needs to reflect Mexican aristocratic heritage, while looking world class. Attached are the existing logo treatments. We think it is looking dated and amateur. Besides the attached logo files, please also see how the existing logo is being used on our website in a horizontal format at www.ajijic.com, because we need both a stacked and horizontal version.



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