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On2 Technologies (www.on2.com) makes video compression software, most notably the On2 VP6 video codec. Through its inclusion in such products Adobe Flash Player, Skype, AIM and Sun JavaFX, our video playback software is installed on over two billion PCs and devices worldwide. Our video encoding software is used by leading web sites like MySpace, Facebook, Veoh, Vimeo, Metacafe, Disney and many others.

For this project, we are creating a new on-demand video encoding service based on the Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2). We are calling it On2 FlixCloud.

Please see the attached statement for more info about what we do.

A logo for On2 Flix Cloud, our on-demand video encoding service.

The logo design must scale well as it will appear on everything from brochures t-shirts to web sites.

In addition, we need icon versions of the logo for desktop & website bookmark uses. The icons can obviously be a subset or abbreviated version of the full logo.

Deliverables are:

- Logo files in 1200dpi & 300dpi color logo files in .psd, .svg and .ai formats

- Logo files in 1200dpi & 300dpi grayscale logo files in .psd, .svg and .ai formats

- Logo files in 1200dpi & 300dpi B&W line art logo files in .psd, .svg and .ai formats

- Icon files at resolutions 16x16, 32x32, 48x48 and 128x128 in .ico format

Our target market is any organization that wants to encode large quantities of video to Flash, H.264 or 3GPP (mobile) format but can't or doesn't want to invest in the expensive hardware required to do so in-house. For example, one of our customers, Vimeo, uses our software to encode over 6,000 user-contributed videos to Flash every day.

The target user of the service itself is a web application developer, webmaster, or CTO at a social media web site such as MySpace or Vimeo, or a broadcasting company such as NBC or Eurosport. Likely a young-ish person. He or she is highly versed in web 2.0 technologies such as AJAX and Ruby on Rails, cloud computing, and the other video transcoding products in the market. He or she wants to cut video encoding costs but also must be reassured that FlixCloud provides significant cost savings over in-house transcoding software, reliability, and ease of deployment.

We are different than our competition because we invented the On2 VP6 codec that powers the majority of video on the web today (Flash video). When people buy our software, they are getting it straight from the source.

Themes were after include:


Ease of use

Technology leadership





Some sites we like:









We prefer sans-serif fonts. We like Apple. We like Ideo. We like Jeffrey Zeldman's work (http://www.happycog.com). We like clean designs but not lean to the point of looking sterile.

We would like thematic reference or similarity to our existing corporate logo, branding & colors. Please see the attached PDF stylesheet for our existing logo.

Things to avoid:

- "Cheap" (i.e., the service is affordable & cuts costs, but isnt "cheap")

- Storm cloud imagery--stay positive

- Anything "cute" or faddish



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