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we are a start-up company that distributes basic materials like raw metals, plastics and rubber to companies that build things. Our primary customers are companies/entities working in any sort of high-tech related physical development field -- medical device manufacturers, university research labs, and new energy start-ups (solar, wind, ethanol, etc). Basically, any company that prototypes and/or develops a physical product.

Existing companies in the industrial distribution industry sell their materials (fasteners, raw materials, electrical components, hand tools, etc) predominantly through mail-order catalogs, much in the same way a company like Sears sold their products in the early 20th century. we seek to buck that trend by relying entirely on a web-based model, catering to users who are web-savvy (engineers, grad students, lab technicians) rather than the traditional industrial distribution customer (maintenance supervisors, shop foreman, industrial machinery mechanics).

We are looking for a logo that pays omen to both the traditional characteristics of the industrial distribution industry and the potential of an entirely web-based solution. In short, we are seeking a subdued logo, with a bit of flair. And by flair, we mean Google or Flickr or Netflix (unique font, orientation, color, etc), not GoDaddy or MeetUp.

Having said that, we are open to logos that incorporate some graphics (ETrade, A123 Systems, or Octopart are good examples), even though the name of our company does not lend itself to easy associations. In short, we don't want a traditional logo that's typical of our industry (MSCDirect and Fastenal are good examples), but we also don't want an over-the-top Web 2.0 logo.

We hope that all made sense. Feel free to follow up with questions. We look forward to your submissions!



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