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We know this one is different from most projects but we hope our vision might inspire your participation.

We are a small contingent of a much larger group of men and women who individually have accomplished many great things and achieved success on a variety of levels. We seek to inspire our members to reach beyond their individual achievements and come together to "do better together" on a personal, professional, and societal level. SUCCENDII is our brand name through which we provide a variety of services and platforms for our members to connect and do better together, not just as individuals but as members of society at large.

You should know up front that we are champions of protecting and defending intellectual property rights and we will require your assurance that your design is your original work of art for which you own all rights, title and interest.


A crisp, clean, and powerful logo for SUCCENDII, which will form the basis for the brand and which will inspire others to want to connect, not just for themselves, but for the benefit of all. The logo should symbolize who we are (successful, educated, accomplished individuals) and more importantly, should inspire and motivate a desire to connect in order to do better together and be better together.

The logo will need to incorporate our symbol a small wandering ivy vine (or an ivy leaf) that connects, surrounds, supports, or envelops the logo -- or any other creative way that you can imagine. Color scheme discussed below.

The theme that needs to conveyed is that individually we are all very successful but together we can be better. Better Together is our slogan but wed like to see the logo with and without the slogan if possible -- and we are open to other suggestions for slogans.

We will ultimately need to use the logo for a website banner, website design, and other formats

so please let us know if that will change any requirements or whether you need additional information


Our members are (and must see us as) successful, professional educated men and women who individually have achieved much success but who are inspired to come together to be better and do better. This group, as a whole, tends to be slightly conservative and therefore the logo cannot be overly elaborate or ornate. Moreover, men tend to slightly outnumber the women so nothing overly feminine please.


We haven't seen anything in terms of the design we are looking for but this Crowdspring project has a lot of the green/white color scheme (unfortunately no gold) with leaf like designs - http://www.crowdspring.com/project/22816.... This entry caught our eye in terms of the green/white part of the color scheme http://www.crowdspring.com/project/22816...


1) A clean, simple, powerful, design. Design cant be too elaborate or ornate but it also cant be stale and boring. Nothing that looks like a corporate entity.

2) A logo that inspires, motivates and symbolizes connection coming together and unity ( but no images or symbols of people uniting -- i.e. people holding hands, people shaking hands, etc.)

3) An ivy leaf or wandering ivy vine surrounding, connecting, anchoring or uniting the logo. It doesnt have to be a traditional looking ivy leaf or ivy vine but it does need needs to be an organic plant like image that can conveys a feeling of connectedness.

4) Color Scheme: We are fairly set on the following color scheme but are willing to consider others if your creative mind has something better. The color combination must include green and the colors must be rich, and sophisticated yet warm and inviting. The three colors we have in mind are as follows: Green, Warm Golden'ish tone, and White (primarily as the background).

Green. Green is a must. We want the green to invoke success and power (but the power to do good). Our personal preference leans towards the lighter green tones but deeper greens may convey the desired message better. Maybe something with different gradients/shades of green might be nice.

Warm Goldenish Tone. To balance out the power of the green, we want a warm rich golden'ish tone that evokes a feeling of warmth, connection, sophistication and elegance. No brassy, bold gold" or "harsh gold". The gold needs to be warm and inviting.

White. We see this more as the background color (or the color of the text). We also considered gray and/or black (instead of white) but felt these colors were too cold and did not convey or inspire connection which is key to us.

Thank you for your assistance and creativity.



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