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Organic Global is a non-profit that develops youth from diverse backgrounds to become community leaders and global citizen ambassadors.

Organic Global identifies and nurtures multi-faceted leaders who:

Seek to enhance their roles and contributions in a globally inter-connected world

Have the ability and determination to make a positive impact in how different parts of the world view and understand each other.


By 2020, Organic Global will be recognized worldwide as a network of exemplary leaders who reflect the best core values of a global society; responsible for creating experiences on the world stage that lead to broadening horizons, empowerment and leadership development amongst its cohorts and future generations of global leaders.

Organic Global will produce innovative entrepreneurship experiences locally and abroad. These programs will be designed to provide leadership training, professional development and mentorship opportunities for young diverse professionals that are interested in reaffirming their core values in the context of a global society and strengthening understanding amongst communities worldwide.


1. A Spirit of Contribution: We understand that contributing towards the betterment of man-kind and the communities we live in is fulfilling. We want to make a positive difference in the lives of others and future generations. A true leader makes those around them better. The sharing of knowledge is key to developing yourself and others.

2. A Spirit of Adventure: We believe a healthy amount of adventure leads to memorable life experiences and keeps our lives interesting and exciting. Being comfortable with being uncomfortable allows for discovery and growth. Pioneers in most fields have had to successfully deal with risk and the unknown.

3. Integrity: We practice and teach accountability for our outcomes and honesty in our actions. We embrace high ethical standards in all activities.

4. Diversity: We appreciate and celebrate diversity in backgrounds, ideas, ethnicity, gender and socio-economics. We welcome and respect new ideas and perspectives.

5. Life-long Learning: We stop living when we stop learning. Curiosity allows for new discoveries in an evolving world.

6. Collaboration: We believe that initiatives are most successful when communities, networks and stakeholders are tapped for input. Designing and building in a teamwork environment makes the structure stronger.


The logo should take into account/ be inspired by the core values listed above. We envision the logo to contain the words "Organic Global" we are not wedded to seperating the words. Our tag line is "Humankind Evolving Naturally". We would prefer to see the tag line in the logo, however, we foresee needing the option to remove it when necessary on certain marketing collateral. The word "organic" signifies something that is destined to happen naturally if we are to live in a better world. We would like to see elements of a globe and wing(s), however, we would also like to see some examples without wings. The wings simply signifies independance and the ability to travel and be curious.

The logo will be used on business cards to be passed out to cool and creative youths who we look to recruit as well as to potential government and corporate types whom we seek to tap for funding and grants.

Our main fundraiser and final culmination of training for the group of enrolled youths will be a yearly trip abroad. For the first years activity, the trip abroad will be a 10 day adventure at the world fair in Shanghai in 2010. We will be taking about 250 people to see the incredible world fair sights during the day and will be submerged into the Shanghai nightlife in the evenings which will include visits to nightclubs, concerts and other venues. Every year's trip abroad will be to a different region of the world. Thus, the logo cannot be too corporate -I prefer corporate edgy.

The winning designer will be invited to participate in the program. Thank you so much for reading through this and for your drafts...it's appreciated. You are contributing to a great global cause.


Our core audience will be youths from Southern California ages 21-30. Eventually, it will be youths from all over the world. We want them to see that we are modern, creative, global and into connecting people to leadership experiences around the world.


We like the recent Coke branding designs...we like how they use outlines/shades and simple color and in some of their videos...things that portray bursts of natural growth.

We like Obama's messages of HOPE in his campaigns.


We dont want to see the map of the world translated literally -no simple meridian lines; hemisphere outlines etc.

Nor do we want to see wings translated literally. No real wings where you can see feathers etc.



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