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Panjovia.com is the world's first comprehensive travel resources website featuring food, wine, and beer festivals around the world as unique and timely destinations. We intend to bring together every festival in a loose confederation by contracting with each of them to feature the panjovia.com logo on all their signage, print materials and websites. Rather than promoting festivals as isolated individual events, every one of the thousands of festivals from North America to Europe will be promoting every other festival by acting as a conduit to panjovia.com where users will be able to find festivals specifically tailored to their interests. Our plan is that by exposing more people to more festivals, we will raise awareness of every festival, and increase attendance.

In addition to detailed descriptions, reviews, and ratings for every festival, panjovia.com will include festival suggestions based on user preferences, award-winning recipes from the festivals, travel information, a market where you can buy directly from a festival, and much more.


What we need is the logo that the festivals will use to promote panjovia.com.

Because food, wine, and beer festivals have never been used to promote one another and the idea of a single, comprehensive festival travel site is completely new, we feel the logo should include the name of the site. We are willing to be flexible for the right logo, however. Our preferences are 1) prominently featuring the name, 2) the name as a small element, 3) no name at all. In that case, we would then include a line of copy that indicates what users will find at the site: "Eat, drink and be merry. Everywhere."

Most important is that the logo must work hard. It must make itself noticed. It must stand apart from the usual clutter. It must be memorable. As much as possible it must telegraph what it stands for. And it must be fun, reflecting the fun of the festivals themselves. In fact, the name panjovia is an amalgam of Greek and Latin, meaning, essentially, "Everywhere, fun and joy."


In the U.S. and Canada alone, 60 million people attended a food, wine, or beer festival in 2009. Countless millions more attended similar festivals in Europe. Though this is a huge audience, traveling to food festivals is an activity that people generally tend to grow into as their tastes mature and their affluence warrants. They are generally adventurous people who seek out the good things in life and have a taste for new and exciting experiences. Demographically, our target is:

Male and female (slightly skewed toward women)

35 +

Educated, with higher than average numbers of college graduates.

Affluent, with incomes about 20% above average and up.


There are a handful of logos that do everything, and do it simply and well.

Amazon. com. This logo is brilliant. Not only is the name the most prominent feature, but the simple curved line functions on two levels at once, slowly letting the reader in on its wit.

IBM. The name as logo, designed with a simplicity that telegraphs what the company does. Brilliant.

FEDEX. Another brilliant logo that is not only all about the name but the arrow, hidden to most people, is a wonderful element that elevates a seemingly ordinary logo to the extraordinary.

Orbitz.com. This is a good, hard-working logo. Again, the name is the most prominent element, with two simple arrows indicating "round trip." It doesn't astonish like the Amazon logo, but it works well.

Fresh Direct. This is also a nice logo. The name is prominent and the design elements hint at what the site (and the company) does.

Epicurious. We include this not as an example of what to do, but what not to do. While the name of the site is absolutely brilliant, the logo could not be lazier.


The logo must in some way indicate what panjovia.com is, what it does, or the fun of a food festival. We are strongly leaning toward including the name as a prominent element, but would be willing to forego including the name for a truly stunning logo, as mentioned above.



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