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Defibrillator Design Challenge

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Health Care and Biotech

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Fun, professional, creative

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Image and text, but open to any creative ideas you have, whether they include both image and text or not!

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We are looking for a logo for our project entitled the Defibrillator Design Challenge. The intent of this project is to promote awareness and use of automated external defibrillators (AEDs), devices that anyone can use to save lives of victims of sudden cardiac arrest. We need a logo that will be used to publicize and promote the Challenge.


If you witnessed someone collapse and stop breathing, what would you do?

To save a life, you would call 911 and start CPR. Yet you would also need an automated external defibrillator (AED).

Sudden cardiac arrest, or when the heart stops beating, happens to 300,000 people each year outside of the hospital, often in public places. AEDs are devices that shock the heart back to life. They are effective, simple, and safe. But they are rarely used.

Why not? People often do not know where nearby AEDs are located. Bystanders may not know that an AED is needed or may be afraid of causing more harm than good.

We are starting a public art project to raise awareness and educate people to use AEDs. We will install public artwork, related to the topic, in the space around selected AEDs in public locations throughout the city of Philadelphia.

To generate this art, we plan to hold a contest in which anyone can submit a design. The public will vote for the best, and the winners will receive money as well as the chance to work with professional artists to turn their sketches, drawings, and designs into real art.

The task for you, our prospective professional designers: to create the logo that would be associated with both the online contest and the art installations throughout the city.

This overall project is an extension of a previous public health challenge we did, the MyHeartMap Challenge, which was a crowdsourcing challenge to locate AEDs in Philadelphia. The logo used for that challenge is attached to this brief. Ideally, the Defibrillator Design Challenge logo would somehow reference the MyHeartMap Challenge. This could be done by incorporating the Philly skyline, the circle, or any other creative way that you see fit. Although we do not need the two logos to be completely similar, we also do not want the ideas to seem completely disparate. Please dont let the logo for the previous project restrict your creativity.

As a research team at an academic institution, we are hoping you can come up with a creative and zippy logo that is still clean and professional. We like the idea of using the University of Pennsylvania colors (red and blue), as well as a Philly-centric logo, but maybe with the option to change out to other cities if we were to implement this project elsewhere.

Please feel free to contact us for further information regarding the logo, the cause, or the science.

For more information about cardiac arrest and AEDs, please visit: http://www.med.upenn.edu/myheartmap/aed....
For more information about our teams past work, please visit:

Thanks for your time and ideas! We are looking forward to seeing what you can come up with!



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