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What is VenusIQ?

VenusIQ is a step by step how to site for women only. The concept of the site is unique because it is exclusively designed for women, featuring user generated content from diversified topics with a feminine touch.

VenusIQ will be serving its content on its unique platform but will also allow users to share theses content on their own sites, blogs or social networks, exposing VenusIQ and its content to a wide range of users.


These are the direct and indirect competitors:







Potential customers:

They are women ranging from 25 to 38 years old; intellectuals and spending a large amount of their time on the internet [mostly because they are mothers], trying to make a living.

During the first year, as the site will evolve and the content will grow, we expect the user base to grow younger and older.

They deal with a great amount of data, they will likely forget their visit if the user experience and the logo will not stand out.

What do we need?

We need a logo to represent our brand on our site and on 3rd partys sites. The logo has to engage with our potential customers on different level, it has to turn them on, engage them and communicate with them clearly.

The logo has to differentiate us from the crowd, and separate our content from the noise produced by the internet. It has to be sticky and generate returning visitors.


In order to keep it a simple process, here are few guidelines:

- Start making few sketches; do not fine tune the logos before choosing a concept.

- Do not use reflection, this is an overused technique, and while it may look sexy, it does not differentiate us from the crowd.

- You may use, reflection or glossiness within the font to give a better texture to the logo.

- Please use very bright color as background. (White, beige, pink or anything that resemble the white color).

- The logo must contains the word venus and IQ

- The logo must be in lower case letters (Except the IQ)

- The logo must be able to stand alone as an icon or favicon (a browser icon) for branding/marketing purpose only.

- The logo has to look good on darker background (Please produce 2 iterations of it, one on a white background and another one on a dark color).

- Do not use any ornament as the background. Use a clean background.

- Try working with a silhouette of a woman in the logo [avoid using illustration since all of our competitors use them too].

Words that define us:

Patience, soft, supportive, Curious, wise, alluring, innovative



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