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Please make design picture of our business domain.

We are Japanese System Vendors based on Telephony and Internet Technology that have developed our package and ASP solutions and also our clients systems since 1989.

Please refer attached image to understand our business scheme.

We reconsider ourselves, and decided to focus on the 3 vectors listed below. Please remake our image picture in order to refresh our figures. We hope to be ever-developing young company.

Please make it circular image. We leave details for you to enjoy.

Please consider that our conceptual colors are blue and yellow. But, you are all free to change whole things ;D


The 3 business vectors

1.Based on the Computing Telephony Technology, Software development and Providing Beneficial Services.

2.Based on the Web Technology, Software development and Beneficial Services.

3.Based on the Cloud Computing, Software development and Maintaining Data Center.

Based on the Data Center maintenance experience, infra technology and server-monitoring technology are our main wealth.



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