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Offering a range of everyday dry foods (organic, non organic, gluten free), plastic and packaging free as well as reusable and biodegradable household and bathroom items and refillable kitchen and bathroom products, we support people to make simple switches to reduce their waste.

In addition, through offering products by weight, people can buy as little or as much as they need, in turn reducing food waste and supporting those on a budget


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Refill Revolution

Top 3 Things

simple, honest, environmentally friendly


I’d like it to be simple, modern and relaxed, and use simple, meaningful imagery, like a jar. It also needs to reflect the environmental benefits

Additional Info

Refill Revolution has first mover advantage in Market Harborough. We are generating a huge amount of interest on social media to establish ourselves as a fresh, unique and much needed local service. Our USP will be that we provide ethical, environmentally friendly, cruelty-free, unpackaged goods (dry foods, detergents, toiletries) at competitive prices. Refill Revolution also offers a very personal service. Unlike the supermarkets, we will build personal relationships with our customers and really listen to what they need. We will support people to make reducing their waste easier. See my Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/Refill-Revoluti...

There are a number of other reduced or zero waste shops setting up in the U.K. the zero waste shop in Totnes is a particularly good example. I like the imagery they use to show customers how to use the shop - weigh, fill, weigh, label pay (however I’m not particularly keen on their logo and I think the heading on their website is confusing). Because these shops are relatively new concepts, the logos need to support prospective customers to quickly understand what they shop is all about



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