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We at Figlo are a group of young, dynamic and professional people dedicated to make the best personal financial applications. After 15 years experience as market leader in the Netherlands, Figlo is now one of the fast growing companies in personal financial software worldwide.

The financial industry is at a turning point globally. The recent credit crisis has called for a major overhaul in financial practices, and it has been recognised that customers need to be better informed about the financial situation they are in, or getting themselves into.

In our opinion, the financial industry is all about human behaviour related to money.

We have learned that if the customer doesnt really understand the financial advice and his/her financial future, the customer is less willing to invest in or buy financial products. This is the situation with the current software being used for financial advice. From this perspective, with our Hawanedo (have, want, need, do) product line focusing on customer centricity, transparency, intuitivity and interactivity, we strongly believe that we can bring something new to the table of the current financial industry.

Does the customer actually understand what hes buying? Did he get different options to choose from? And, last but not least, does the advisor know what hes advising and selling? Therefore, when developing our software we use the following statement: If the consumer understands it, the advisor can use it. In Hawanedo, this all comes together.

To easily fit different local markets, our solutions are globally flexibly adjustable to cultural aspects and local regulation & legislation.

Our Hawanedo product line is based on the Microsoft.NET Framework, built with Microsoft Silverlight and can be used on Microsoft Surface and new touch devices guaranteeing an amazing user experience.

Our business values are: Innovation, Simplicity, Client centric

Hawando Suite:

Hawanedo Suite is the complete package of Hawanedo product line. All Hawanedo products can integrate mutually. Hawanedo Suite is a modular solution, but can also be purchased as a complete financial advice solution. Hawanedo Suite includes the following module/segments:

1. Hawanedo Financial Product Advice

Product: Hawanedo Advisor, facilitates to advice and select the right financial product in a consumer friendly and compliant way, based on the consumers profile and financial product specifications.

2. Hawanedo Personal Finance

Product: Hawanedo ViewOnCash, facilitates consumers to monitor income, spending, savings and investments online. ViewOnCash automatically integrates banking data with Hawanedo Financial Planner which increases the consumers financial understanding by providing better insight into their finances.

3. Hawanedo Personal Financial Planning

Product: Hawanedo Planner, handles all mid- and long term financial insight, scenarios and financial decisions in an easy and understandable way. Hawanedo Planner takes care of the financial goals and plan by permanent monitoring.

After 3 years of research, building a network and developing our software we are ready for the global financial market. That's why we are currently looking for a logo that fits our ambition and identity.

Click the link below or copy the link into your address line and watch our Hawanedo movie: http://update.infa.nl/commerce/hawanedo....

For the Hawanedo o Surface



We need:

- Corporate Logo for Figlo

- Logos for our solutions

- Matching logos for our products (corresponding with the solution)

Right now we don't have unity en consistency in our desgin. That's your challenge to create this for us!


Banks, Bancassurance, Independent Financial Advisors, Life insurers, Insurance Brokers/dealers, Financial Sales agents, Consumer organizations.


We don't have any examples ready but we can tell you what we do and don't like.

We like: Fresh, innovative, modern, clear, dynamic en consistency

We dont like: conservative and conservative colors, the standard financial services look


Unity. It must be obvious that all our products can mutually integrate and that it all belongs the the Hawanedo product range.



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