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Strategy consultant for small to medium-sized businesses, organizations, non-profits, and government offices that are unable to afford a full-time, in house strategist. I help these organizations to anticipate their future environment, determine their desired positioning in that environment, and to design their path to achieve their future, or next, state.


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NextState Strategies

Top 3 Things

1) Professionalism, 2) Experienced Military Strategist and Veteran (but not running a boot camp), and 3) Focused on helping organizations anticipate the future and to reach their future potential


It will be eye catching, strong and professional, and it would incorporate a reference to my military experience, but not scream "military". The logo would be able to stand alone without text as "the brand".

Additional Info

"NextState" has no space in it, and it would be the dominate piece of text, with "Strategies" taking a back seat. The term "NextState" is the "next" desired phase or evolution of an organization. I don't care at all for yellow or orange, and red in only small doses. Black, Grey, Blue, and Green would be the preferred. I am competing with much larger organizations as a single consultant. Some of my clients will likely be U.S. government agencies.



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