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Atlas gXP is an online quality management system that helps companies to manage all the policies and processes they use to manufacture food & drug products. We help manufacturers ensure that their products are safe for consumers, comply for local/federal regulations, and are of the highest quality possible.

Our customers includes companies who are new to food and drug product manufacturing and need help creating consistently high quality products while dealing with changing regulations. Our customers also include states, and federal regulation organizations around the world.

Our aim is to modernize food and drug manufacturing and use cloud based technology to bring a greater level of precision, clarity, and simplicity into the industry. Our platform helps companies and regulators work more efficiently, while improving the quality of food and drug products on the market for consumers.


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Atlas gXp

Top 3 Things

high quality, confidence, approachability


Our customers manufacture various tyes of products, so we are looking for a logo that symbolizes/communicates a sense of high quality, confidence, and approachability

We DO NOT want a logo that includes a globe, bullseye, target, or arrows. No imagery that looks like food, or drugs. Nothing that feels aggressive, childish, or cartoon-like.

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We need this logo in SVG format.



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