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Travel & Hotel

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We provide guest services to travellers in Seville, Spain, including hospitality, tourism, travel arrangements and city guides.


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  • Image + Text

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Top 3 Things

caring, spirit of adventure, comfort


The letter i should be used creatively, but should not "split" the word. Consider using the i as it is used in typical tourist information signage (lower case, brush serif, italics)

We are looking for a logo to go on a boutique storefront that should appeal to tourists who need services like luggage storage, to charge a device, or just to know a good place to go to get a bit to eat. We also offer accomodation services. The logo should not be too serious, and it should not be too "corporate". Friendly logos win.

The logo should give travellers the overall idea of services which make their stay easier and more enjoyable.

Additional Info

We need a vector file of the final.
The logo can be on a backplate or possibly something that would need to be cut out for a sign.
We can send the picture of the storefront.
We don't have definite colours, but we would like the colours to reflect the colours of Seville. We have included images.
We will adapt the colours of our storefront to suit the logo.

We are attaching a logo from a previous design when we were going to be called Sevilluggage. We know the design is very basic, but it DOES have the kind of approachability that we would like in this logo.

Our clients are international. They are not unified by anything except travel. They are of various ages and lifestyles. We must appeal to them all.

Search google for #sevillacolours for a good sample of the traditional colours. (maybe avoid the purple)

Don't use the images literally - we don't want to see the landmarks or anything that is precisely Sevillano. The font sample included should not be replicated exactly - only used as a basis if you are so inspired.



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