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Collision/fusion of boho and punk

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image + test, image only, favicon, embroidered image

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The logo should present the collision of two personalities: boho and punk.
The complete logo will consist of text and a stylized ladybug.
Primary usage will be web and clothing (printed onto clothing tags; the ladybug will be embroidered, stand-alone, think "polo" shirts, not very big), some print usage.
The text is "boho|punk"; all lower case, one word, but divided by a vertical bar.
The "boho" text should have a scrolly feel to it, while "punk" should be harder. Some font "inspiration" is attached.
The text is always accompanied by the ladybug, but the ladybug must be able to stand alone.
The ladybug should not be too complex: it needs to be suitable to embroider on clothing, so super fine details will be lost due to the low resolution of thread.
If the web/print and embroidered versions vary, it should be obvious that they are the same brand.
The ladybug should have black stars in place of black dots. Legs and antenna are optional. It should be identifiable as a ladybug; the distinguishing feature is stars in place of dots.
(A possible alternative would be a star-shapped lady bug with dots, but it must still be identifiable as a ladybug; I'm not sold on this idea yet.)
Colors: black (or very dark grey) and red. Gradients won't work - solid colors please.



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