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What is the exact name you would like in your logo?

Real Kids Food (or can be abbreviated RKF)

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Intro - The logo should have a clean pure style to it, I want a design that appeals to the parents but also connect's with the children. Its is vital that the design steers clear or a fast food style logo - this is something that will give a negative image to the parents - super bright Mac D references are out. Our food will be healthy, organic and seasonal. So we need this to be taken in to consideration when considering the colour palette and over all design of the logo or mascot.

Brand - Real Kids Food is a the perfect combination of what children want combined with what parents think their children should be eating. Our food is healthy nutritious but it also tastes great.

The logo is the jumping off point for the company. I want the logo to be cool & edgy, something that stands out and communicates to children as well as adults. The design will be simplistic and have an instantly recognisable quality to it whether that is treated as a word mark, emblems, character or pictorial mark design it should have a pureness and be bold enough that you understand what our brand does from the start Real Kids Food.

Font - The font style should be bold and legible with a distinctive style that is memorable. You want children to easily recognise the name and know who we are and the parents should feel confident with the brand identity delivers the right message that doesnt say fast food.

Colour - The choice of colours in the logo design is another very important factor. We serve food and so want the feel of the logo to be fresh, clean and inviting. Bright colours that pop will give a hint of the fresh vibrant food we serve. But the colours shouldnt be too overwhelming, gaudy or childish.

Design / Characters - The Design will be used across the packaging, marketing, website, business cards, the logo will be our identity. Its kids food and we want that to be an important part of the design process but the design needs to translate to the parent too. A brand that is aspirational and cool. I like the idea of having a character as one of the routes, something for the children to associate with without being to childish or cartoonish. But i'm open to ideas and would love to see the logo explore any route that the designer feels is right for the brand.

What are the top 3 things you would like to communicate through your logo?

A logo that is cool & edgy - the design should communicates to children as well as adults.
We need to come across as being a healthy and environmental conscious brand.
Fun - it's for Children so lets have something that hints at playfulness with out diluting the identity.

What logo styles do you like (image + text, image only, text only, etc.)

I love logo's that connect with you, something that stands out and is easily memorable. I don't really see where Real Kids Food is going per se with regards to the logo as our brief is so open. I know I would love to see some variations within the designs that are presented.

Whether that is an emblem and text route or following a mascot route i'd love to be inspired by what I see. I definately want to see both an imagine only or a text only route as well as I feel that these concepts can be the strongest if presented in the right context.

It is really up to the designer to grab me with the design and see what I can only imagine...



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