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Creative Brief

Who are you?

www.emlakjet.com is a web portal for real estate advertisements in Turkey (english version http://realestate.emlakjet.com ). We do not sell real estate, we just publish advertisements/announcements on our portal. The company consists of some crazy entrepreneurs who are competing aganist real big corporations, working days and nights with all their power. Yet another Don Quichotte story you may say :)

What do you need?

Since we dont have budget for expensive advertisment models, we are going to start some social media campaigns on the net(FB, FF, Twitter), do some small print media campaigns (billboards, t-shirts, hats, flyers, promotion products like calenders/posters/business cards etc). Therefore we decided to change our current logo (This is what I mean by logo http://dl.dropbox.com/u/3604104/emlakjet... )
Though it should be underlined that regardless of the several usage areas of the logo, what is more important to us is that how the new logo will look like on the website.

Here is a translation of what is written there:

Emlak --> Real estate
Jet --> same as in english, jet, u know those fast airplanes
Trkiye'nin Emlak Sitesi --> Real Estate Site of Turkey

Tags/Key words:


To us, creativity is more important then complexity of the design!

Who Is Your Audience?

Please first notice that, in Turkey, there are millions of people out there who are not aware of how nice it is to start searching an apartment, terrain, house etc online. The majority has not started using the comfort of saving time of filtering apartments via internet yet.
Briefly the target people are
-from age 18-55 (the accumulation is more on the 18-35 actually)
-both male and female
-They have mostly average income and better education level (highschool and university level)
-They had been walking between quite many real-estate agencies in the past and getting tired

As for the designers who have never searched an apartment on online/offline, let me try to describe the general mood of sb who tries to rent one:
You are stressed, your wife/husband/gf/bf/partner is driving you crazy because time is running and you still could not manage to find anything. you walk streets, check real estate agencies, visit terrible apartments, you are tired, life is not good :)
Of course, realizing online ads does not help you simply find the best apartment but helps you save a lot of time and energy cause you can check pictures, locations, prices etc beforehand and instead of visiting 30 apartments you filter them first to 5 and go rent the one u like. The audience feels more less like this. These portals helps you to have a happy end


We Like These Examples

www.amazon.com (amaaazing! happiness from A to Z)
www.milliyetemlak.com (simple and focused)

We Absolutely Must Have

- ".com" should definitely be on the design. It could remain with small fonts though
- no capital letters on "emlakjet.com" ! (but "Trkiye'nin Emlak Sitesi" should have the first letters as capital letters. At least "Trkiye'nin" has to be capitalized)
- smooth & oval/soft fonts seem charming to us. therefore this is also a mustbe
- please do paste your work also on the website screenshot http://dl.dropbox.com/u/3604104/emlakjet... the design must be more in the horizontal direction rather then vertical direction
- we will not change the design of the web site so the color choices of the logo must be sth which fits the colors seen on our portal.
- the logo should better focus on emlak (real estate) not on "jet" (so please no airplanes or stuff like that)
- no flash animation
- simple and creative designs with few lines are preferable to complex ones



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