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Spice Crafters is a new spice company that will be marketing a new blend to the world. The company prides itself on pushing the limits one what flavors are possible when crafting unique blends from scratch. As foodies who love to cook, eat, and mix flavors together, we are passionate about pushing the limits on creativity. What separates us is the focus on new flavors and blends, and grinding our spices whole to order for maximum freshness and flavor. We're a very web/Social media 1st Company. The majority of our attention is focused on the web, our blog and social media presence. Think of SpiceCrafters.com as a Foodie Web content provider who happens to sell really delicious and unique (one of a kind) spice blends.


AWARD 1: Logo (Include Trademark Symbol TM)

The logo we have envisioned is a smiley that has that "this is the best thing I ever tasted" look on his face. X's over the eyes with a smile that has his tongue out as if he was licking his lips in pleasure. Smiling, eyes squinted and licking his chops. The logo will be used on the web, as an avatar (i.e. twitter, facebook, YouTube), ON T-Shirts, Business Cards, Stickers, decals and on the product packaging.

We love modern & simplistic design with clean lines and fonts, but something that stands out. The "Spice Crafters" text should be apart of the logo with the following tagline "obsessed with delicious..."

I would like two versions (Include Trademark Symbol TM for both), the smiley logo (or your interpretation) on it's own (square proportions), and a full logo with Company Name and tag-line (rectangle proportions). I would also like the logos in ai/eps (illustrator format) so they can be re-sized as needed as well as a png version. Translucent background. Please provide a list of all fonts used.

Checkout my logo attempt attached for a feel of what I mean for the smiley. **Feel free to submit you ideas, we are open. Even if its not a smiley**

Award #2:Background Customization

For this portion of the project I simply want a stylized background different from my stock template (attached). I have a vision of a cutting board as the frame of the background with A Japanese Debah Chef's Knife http://korin.com/Ginsan-ko-Deba?sc=7&cat... next to it as if cooking preparations are taking place, and random exotic whole spices placed on either side of the page or scattered about. For a little flair feel free to toss in an iPhone, iPad, Digital Camera, etc. To send the message we are about technology, social media, and the social foodie lifestyle.

Example Spices to scatter: Star Anise, Allspice Berries, peppercorns, bay leafs, Fennel Seed, Black/White Sesame Seeds, Turmeric, Paprika, Coriander, Mace, Cinnamon, Annatto Seeds, Fenu Greek, Himalayan Sea Salt, Sichuan Peppercorns, different types of chile peppers. **Play with different colors**

The stock background jpg is attached as well as the wood grain background image for tiling. I need the custom background to maintain the exact proportions as the attached stock background with fading, or else when I move the file into my site directory it will not line up with the CSS controlled images. I would like the background to be in jpeg format as well as an unflattened PhotoShop file, in the case it needs to be altered later.

The current theme lends itself well to the cutting board look as it already kind of has the features of a cutting board with the current CSS, it just needs a little help. Other then the background the theme will be used as is, fonts and all. For an example of what the current them looks like go to http://demo.yootheme.com/

Template: Dec 09 - Explorer

Option: Theme Adventure

NOTE: IF you get struck by inspiration and think I'm totally off base and have a better design and concept, submit it. I won't rule anything out. I just ask that it blends well with the website background and template I'm using, and the logo can be used diversely as an avatar, product packaging, T-shirts, etc. Feel free to give me what you think is best!


Our Audience are foodies. Those who love to eat, cook, and explore new flavors. The wild tattooed chefs who push the limits on conventional cooking as well individuals who enjoy big flavors. Those seeking fresh ground spices that have not been loaded with salt and fillers. Someone who would try an Unami Sushi Burger, or Mexican fried Rice with Wantons...lol We need to send the message that we are the following: Foodies,Fun , Adventurous, Loves to Cook, Loves to Eat, and All about connecting with people.

We want to give the impression that we are serious, but fun and about "new" blends and BIG FLAVOR. A modern web/social media centric company, that's open to what's new and never been done with spice blends. Many spice companies have the old world "back to our ancestors" type feel to their logos and websites. We want people landing on our page and seeing our logo to know we are "spice creatives" who, blend, cook, eat and share it with the world.

Fresh, New, Fragrant, and Delicious



I like this Flex Monkey Logo, for the colors as well as the use of the font, and the clean illustration. I need the smiley (or logo) able to not only be the logo, but how the company is recognized. For example on T-Shirts, Stickers, and other apparel and promotional items.

This is a little cartooney but I like their stuff http://www.tokidoki.it/


I love the 2nd version of the logo for this link. It's very clean and simple but sends a message of modern.


Stand Alone Unique Logo (square proportions) - which can be used as an avatar, on t-shirts, business cards, etc.

Complete Logo (rectanlge proportions) w/ Company Name (Spice Crafters) and Tag Line "Obsessed with Delicious..."

Include standard PNG's as well as re-sizable Illustrator files.

What we don't need: Nothing too Cartoony, bubbly or cluttered.

Custom Background (unflattened Photoshop version, and JPEG, same proportions as sample with fading).

If believed a better logo/background is possible it must match the website template referenced on yootheme. We're open to color options, but are extremely fond of burnt orange and black. Go crazy as long as the colors match the background and template theme.



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