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We're making an app for the iPhone called "Little Book". The app is basically a book of quotes. The app should contain a cool, classic, and masculine feel.

Logo/Icon - We need a 57x57 square icon (no glossy buttons no rounding) AND a large matching version (512x512), where 'matching' is open to your interpretation - I imagine that would be the same icon in large form, but it could be something else.

The Logo/Icon should have a feel like it's a black moleskin book, with the black leathery texture and black elastic band wrapped around the front. There should also be an implication that there is magic inside this book. And we should clearly be able to read the name "Little Book" on the book itself. The words should be embossed into the moleskine.

Feel free to experiment, another option being just the black moleskin texture as a background with the text "Little Book" embossed.

Here's a reference file for a black moleskin book:


2) Opening Page (Bookshelf/Quotes) - 320 x 480 pixels. PNG file. This is the opening page to the iPhone app so it should be stunning and cool.

Here is an earlier attempt at the bookshelf that was close, but a little too cartoony and low quality for us:


As you can see, the image we need is two parts:


On the top part of the image is a bookshelf with two shelves. The bookshelf itself should be dark mahogany wood - something really classy looking. On each shelf is five leatherbound books - five on the top shelf, five on the bottom. The books should be wide enough so that each book is easily clickable. You can use bookends on either side to avoid the books looking square. Each book should be labeled with a roman numeral (top shelf - I, II, III, IV, V - bottom shelf - VI, VII, VIII, IX, X). We want the bookshelf and books to have a very classic, authentic, and masculine feel to it - think of Ernest Hemingway's library.

Here is a reference image for the bookshelf and books:


This is a bookshelf from an iphone app that is already out. We like the look of the shelf, although obviously, the books are facing the wrong way. This has the graphic feel and quality we are looking for.



The image below the bookshelf is where the quotes will appear. We're thinking the quotes would show up on plaques, like a metallic plaque with nails/screws in the corners. Again, we're open to other ideas for this area of the image.

Here is a reference for the plaque:


This application is being designed with men in mind. Think GQ, James Bond kind of cool.



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