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LIMITFIFTY is a start up Canadian company focused on bringing young , well off 15 to 40 year old males and females t-shirts, hoodies, belts, hats and non clothing items like cell phone covers, bags, skateboards, etc , etc


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not sure and prefer to embrace the artists that give this a try. please have artists look at existing labels like ' SUPREME' ( file attached). this is a company that has a simple logo in two colours that sells expensive items....the focus is branding, branding , branding. Please do not try to copy SUPREME....this is just a sample of what has worked in the past and your work should not resemble Supreme's logo at all....
The artists might try putting LIMIT on top and FIFTY on bottom.....but that is only one idea.......the logo must be designed to be very readable small or large in size

Additional Info

I need two things from the artist...the logo for LIMIT FIFTY and to see the logo with a number incorporated into logo.
LIMIT FIFTY only makes 50 items of each. So if it is a tshirt design we only make 50 of that particular design. So either the logo has a number ( from 01 to 50) in the logo or we put a seperate LIMIT FIFTY logo somewhere on the item that has a number in it... If the logo is awesome with the number incorporated into the logo that would be interesting...remember we need the ability to take our logo file and have a printer be able to change the number quickly and easily.....
so for example one t-shirt will have the logo with number 01 and the next t-shirt will have logo with the number 02 in it....and so on until we have come to the logo with number 50 on it.....



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