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We are a transportation company that specializes in refrigerated services. We have 400 trucks across the country as well as a brokerage and intermodal (rail) department. Our current logo is merely the name of our company and we want our new one to reflect a little more about what we do. Our ideal customer is any company that has truckload shipping needs in the lower 48 and/or the Toronto area. Although it isn't mandatory, we would like our new logo to highlight the fact that we specialize in refrigerated transportation (produce, meats, dairy, etc.) and the fact that we not only have our own trucks but we also broker freight to outside carriers. I know that these are very different ideas and may be difficult to incorporate simultaneously so one or the other will do.


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Leonard's Express

Top 3 Things

The fact that we have trucks, we specialize in refrigerated freight, and we have a freight brokerage.


The winning logo will have a few similarities to our current one but will be more than just the "Leonard's Express" name. It will let people know that we are a transportation company that operates nationwide and we are a family owned company with exceptional service

Additional Info

please go to Leonardsexpress.com to see the current logo. We are open to anything but would prefer for some of the details with our current logo to remain the same for example the colors and font. The file attached is the logo that we selected from crowdspring in our first trial. We love it and may still use it, but our management team wants us to see if we cant incorporate the refrigerated freight and/or brokerage as a point of emphasis.



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