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We're a group of grad students who are trying to scrape together a respectable presentation, as we're finalists in a business plan competition. We've been to 3 logo houses so far, with poor results. We want a respectable logo for the ppt presentation (and to slap on some custom-made business cards). The presentation is Wednesday! So I've set the time limit as low as it goes here. For right now $200 is a lot for us; but previous ventures for $50 logos have proven why they're only $50, so I'd like to take the next step here, where I've seen MUCH higher quality work -- So keep up the great work everyone and WOW us :)

Now on to the company:

Stateless Creations takes standard-design Legos and embeds them with technology to enable sharing of creations. Classic construction toy companies are losing their market share every year to video games and online activities, as the age of adoption for these technologies continues to fall. Our product bridges the gap between toys and the online world. When a child, age 8-12 makes a creation out of the Legos, they connect our reader to the creation and it records how all the blocks are interconnected. Plugging the reader into your computer uploads the data and generates a virtual 3D model of the design, which is shared with friends on social networking sites, such as Facebook. Friends can purchase a set of those blocks to be delivered to them. We're focusing on the Intellectual Property behind the concept.

Why our name: To me, the company name is relaying how when you make your lego creation with us - it can change state from a Physical put-together creation, to a digital data representation, to a virtual 3D model, to a shipped package of parts, and back again.


We have two concepts to explore:

1. Cloud/stateless blob concept - Integration of the Ss in the name as part of the cloud/blob -- See link to concept below

2. 'Thinker Man' - See link to concept

3. Anything else goes! - I've tried to provide a plethora of data here in hopes that it makes it easier, sparks some ideas and allows designers to get something in quickly!

'LLC' inclusion could go either way --

SC in combination with the full spelled out name - either way

Logo for use on business card + Cover Page of BizPlan


A panel of judges who are evaluating our presentation, which will have a dark background (attached).

Target audience long-term are potential partners: Lego, Hasbro, MegaBrands.


Web 2.0 is key - http://bit.ly/1PxTXA

A simple graphic seems to make such a difference. The graphic in zipcar is so cool - Zipcar.com

Lets step through our current concepts here: http://bit.ly/FHXvz

Christina Logos 1: We're a high tech company with a web 2.0 offering -- elegant cursive, curly, girly fonts don't work for an on-line technology company whose target market is male

The dots were alright (symbolizing lego pegs? -- just too abstract). There's potential that something like this, emphasizing on the dot could get used over and over again as part of our brand - the dots on the blocks tie into the dot in dot-com (very cool), which tie into the dots that represent bringing the blocks closer to technology.

With the blue and red 'sword' created out of the Ts -- maybe something could've been done there, but a sword wasn't appropriate and weak.

The S on top of the C, with the more appropriate font (upper right) -- possible direction

CL 3: The three balls connected -- perhaps attempting to symbolize the changing states of the design as it flows -- possible direction. Colors and design doesn't have that crisp web 2.0 feel to them.

CL 4: Lower-right red SC logo --- Use of SC and full name is good; but too bland.

CL 5: Last one -- very old school design with the shield there -- again, not web 2.0 company appropriate.

Julie Cloud: A cloud or some sort of 'stateless' blob --- with Integration of the Ss in the company name -- possible direction.

NWS Mockup 1: We aren't looking for just the name -- we need a symbol; something that is memorable - and these are just cheap/cheesy

NWS 2: The blocks were a little better, but still too bland, not unique enough, not memorable; not saying enough about us, our company, our concept.

Pete Thinker Concept: As mentioned above, this is one of our main concepts we'd like to explore further. Our product, and legos in general have a lot to do with creativity, and we can draw on that by allowing our logo to say something about how we can further expand on the existing creativity of legos through social network sharing of those concepts.

50DL1: Alright concept -- a little weak, but what a horrible font for the C and 'creations' words!

50DL2: We're not a preschool company -- too immature

50DL3: Horrible color selection; weak cloud/stateless

50DL4: Looks like a prize pin on a cloud; Font ok except the way the llc looks



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