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"Lead with Culture" is a social marketing initiative about to be launched by an agency dedicated to promoting investment and participation in the arts in a growing city (that shall remain anonymous for now...).

The initiative has 3 "calls to action":

- invest in the extraordinary

- build the extraordinary

- participate in the extraordinary

We are looking for a logo and an overall look & feel for this initiative. At the start, simple print materials will be used to recruit artists, civic and corporate leaders to become champions for one or all of the calls to action. Later on, we will build out a website and supporting materials (such as photo-heavy brochures and sales folders, etc.) that we will use to sell various aspects of the initiative (including speaker series, conferences, etc.).

To get things kicked off, we're looking for a logo/wordmark (probably more wordmark than logo) and an associated color scheme and fonts. The logo should stand alone as "Lead With Culture," but should also easily incorporate the three "extraordinary" calls to action. We expect to need fonts for "headlines" in "one-pagers" and also for short descriptive paragraphs. We're prepared to purchase fonts if necessary.

One potential use that you might consider is specialized brochures (or section of a website) for each call to action, such as Lead with Culture: Build the Extraordinary. How would this document look/feel with your design?

The audience for this work will be civic leaders from all sectors: politics, business, health, arts/creative industries, etc.

The "vibe" of the look & feel should be one of growth, vibrancy, fun & excitement, but should stay within the vernacular that makes politicians and corporate leaders comfortable.

Please AVOID any suggestion of traditional arts cliches... music notes, berets, palettes, paintbrushes, dance shoes... anything like that.

Consider this your chance to make the best possible case for your profession as a contributor to the success of a city!



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