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We are the organizers of an academic conference. The association holding the conference is the Association for Laboratory Phonology ("LabPhon"; see https://labphon.org/). The purpose of the association is to promote the scientific study of all aspects of the sound systems (phonetics and phonology) of spoken and signed languages through scholarly exchange across disciplines. The association is an international body open to scholars world-wide, and is committed to the advancement and diffusion of knowledge on the phonetics and phonology of all human languages. The logo will be for the 17th meeting of the association, to be held in 2020 in Vancouver, BC, Canada. The theme of this meeting will be "LabPhon on the Margins," and the goal is to focus on phenomena, languages, and populations that are often under-studied and under-represented, i.e., on the margins of focus. We are especially interested in logos that refer to either (1) statistical probability distributions that look like British Columbia’s scenic mountains and valleys, which illustrate the peaks and tails of phonological phenomena and speech communities, or (2) the conference year, 2020, through the creative deployment of Venn diagrams or eyeglasses.


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Top 3 Things

Sound, Margins, Vancouver


Sophisticated, but simple. Nerdy is ok.

Additional Info

The text for the logo could be LabPhon 2020 instead of LabPhon17, if the focus of the logo is more on the year of the conference.



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