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This logo is for A church that houses a preschool, the logo will be eyecatching for kids, parents and church members of all ages. (Please see Vision for key information.)


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Kenilworth Union Church (and also) A Joyful Noise

Top 3 Things

Logo must incorporate a very cute eye catching frog! Typeface should be small and creative - Cute Frog illustration will be used in a number of ways.


We need a frog logo for our Preschool and Church Sunday school. The church is called Kenilworth Union Church. The Preschool is called A Joyful Noise Preschool. The frog is significant because we use the acronym "Forever Relying On God" as a key message of both our Sunday school and our preschool.

The frog logo will be used around the church building to indicate to the children “you belong here, you are welcome here.” It should also serve to unite the preschool and Sunday school with one central image. The church is fairly formal, traditional and rooted in a 125 year history - yet, it is inviting, welcoming to children and their families and has always valued educating children. The preschool is rooted in a play based teaching method, and is a growing, vibrant community of families who are both new to the area and long-time legacy families.

The design should be a simple, playful, kid-friendly frog. It should be versatile enough to be used in a variety of situations: black-and-white, made any color, used digitally or engraved in metal. Both the name of the church (Kenilworth Union Church) and the name of the preschool (A Joyful Noise Preschool) should be incorporated into the design. It should not need to incorporate other Christian symbols, just the frog and the names of the church and school.



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