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We are Knuckle Dragging Sales, a sales training and coaching company that will take the "secrets" out of how to sell more and help sales reps get back to what works, which is fairly simple when you boil it down: Persist and win, or quit and fail. Hunt and gather, or starve and die. Even a caveman could understand that. In short, we want to spark the "De-evolution Revolution" of sales.

Our target audience is comprised of sharp business and sales profesionals who are looking to make high six and seven figures a year in sales. It's a mix of millennials through 50's. Majority will be men, but women will also be among our customer base.


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Knuckle Dragging Sales

Top 3 Things

1) first class, 2) a strong and playful but professional brand, 3) modern and exciting **ALSO IMPORTANT THAT IS DOES NOT CLASH WITH OUR BOOK COVER, BUT RATHER COMPLEMENTS IT (SEE ATTACHED FILE)


We envision a modern look. Something that is simplistic but memorable. We don't want it to be too cartoonish. It can be ironic humor but nothing goofy or comical. We don’t want it to come across feeling like the Flintstones.

See the logo attached (KDS logo) from a previous contest that is orange and red variant colors. We LOVE the colors of this logo, but our designer could just never get the face or image right. But we really LOVE the modern, minimalist feel.

No aggressive looking cavemen ready to kill. We would like to make a strong statement, but it should not be overtly aggressive. Other images could work that are prehistoric in nature (i.e. a club, spear, wooly mammoth, etc.)

Would like the logo to be scalable and work well on a facebook profile, on a hat, backpack... multiple applications.

Limit to 3 colors. We want a logo that can easily be printed in black and white or in a limited number of Pantone inks.

Additional Info

We are inspired by mimimalist but striking and memorable logos.

See attached file of caveman head with beard for a previous logo design that we LIKE but do not LOVE.

Also see attached file for our book cover. Logo must not clash with the look and feel of our book.

Finally, see other random logos attached. These are caveman themed logos that we like the overall look of.



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