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Knowde stands for
1. "Know" stands for knowledge or information
2. "Now" stands for contextual, location specific, like right now where ever you are
3. Knowde spelled as "node" stands for our battery powered hardware electronc tag (5cmX4cmX1cm) also known as "knowde tag" which transmits this contextual information data to a smartphone which is in vicinity (~ 50mts) of the knowde tag

knowde in general stands for contextual information sent from a knowde tag to people smartphones around the tag (in the range of ~50mts)

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i would like to have the text "Knowde" intermixed/modified with images to create one unique logo

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Indoor location based information and communication can bring benefits in various scenarios.
It can help shops and businesses to send powerful contextual message when customers are passing near their stores, instantly attracting the customers into their shops.
In a big retail store, It can help buyers connect offline objects with their respective online content. A URL programmed to the knowde tag attached to an object can help people to instantly compare prices/look at reviews or get more information instantly
In a trade show/event exhibitors can give access to large amount of information about their products by attaching contextual knowde tags to their products which will help visitors to connect to the rich online content instantly when they are near the product.
It can help exhibitors to connect with their visitors and prospective clients instantly
In a festival, organizers can send powerful contextual information to visitors engaging them and enriching their experience.

All this is possible since a knowde tag when attached to an object or a space such as a shop (~50mts) sends contextual and relevant information in the form of radio signals to people smartphones nearby the knowde tag and people are instantly informed about the object or the space with the information transmitted from the knowde tag to the smartphone app.

Thus our knowde is a general concept to send contextual information to people smartphone who are nearby the tagged object or space.

i have attached three jpegs to help give some info on the design
the location icon , a contextual message icon with a message box within an a circle indicating information which is near you
and ibeacon which is apple proprietary protocol on which our HW is built



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