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Food and Beverage

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Kinatia, is a mayan word from the nahuatl language, and it means the force that generates balance. It also stands for harmony. Toltecas were also called kiname for being giants in a spiritual way. I chose to name my brand of tea like this because it is going to be sold in Mexico, and being that tea comes from TAO and ZEN, philosophies that invites you to have a connection with yourself, to have a meditative life (when you talk, observe, walk, and of course, when you drink tea), to relax, to be flexible, to enjoy the here and now; so I found out that in Mexican culture, this same philosophy exists in the tolteca civilization. Kinatia comes from Mexican culture with the same philosophy that tea has. I want my tea brand to reflect the sense of belonging to the Mexican community.

1.I want people to know WHY I want to sell tea: because I want to promote a state of physical, mental and spiritual well being. Tea is related in a lot of ways with health, most of its properties help to prevent certain diseases and make you feel healthy, and also its philosophy helps us to have a mental and spiritual well being (harmony, serenity, balance, meditation, etc.)

2.I want the logo show and reflect that is tea what I sell, since the name doesnt say tea. I also want to show quality, Im going to be using loose leaf high quality tea, (not the one you see in supermarkets everywhere, packed in little bags and with low quality). This tea is carefully chosen, clean, 100% natural and most important of all, with real tea flavor.

3.I also want to show, elegance and fashion, I want to reach the youngsters and adult market who wants to feel young, active, healthy and cool. In Mexico people have the perception that tea is like a medicine or for grandmas, they thing is something old and I want to change that. Tea is present.

What logo styles do you like (image + text, image only, text only, etc.)

Kusmi tea:
What I like about this logo is that transmits history, culture, something that has lots of years existing (history building since 1867), but at the same time up to date, makes it new and youthful. I like vivid colors, the elegance and fashion.
Inti Zen
What I like about this logo is that reflects harmony and elegance, the name arrangements and the squares generate this sensation. What I like the most is their tea presentation, showing their culture in a very original way (figures and images), an antique culture sees important, elegant and fashion. What I dont like is that it doesnt reflect tea; you could easily think is a spa or something like that.
I really like this logo, the figure right next to the name makes it look like someone meditating with a cup of tea, it feels like inviting you to drink a cup of tea and I love that.
In this logo you can see that they sell tea even though they didnt mention it, I love that. I like how they present the teabag with a leaf; it seems cute, original and elegant.

I like the background that seems rustic and how the symbolize a tea tree in the T letter. I dont like that is not elegant and is not modern.

What I like about Camelia, is that it looks like Mexican-Spanish and typical tea shop, antique an actual at the same time. What I didnt like was the dark combination of colors.

Tranquil Tea
This logo reflects serenity, elegance and freshness because of the leaf with a drop of water, what I dont like about it is the colors, I like to be more colorful.

Lily Muguet:
What I like most about this logo are the elegant flowers in a contrast of modern colors that makes it look elegant and up to date.



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