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We are about to launch our new business on the world but have yet to find the perfect logo. We don't know exactly what we want but we know one of you guys/gals will be able to deliver it.

A little bit about the company, we offer an online analytics, SEO, SEM and advertising optimisation product that uses natural language and semantic processing to contextually optimise web content. This is as technical as it sounds and we have filed many patents and have a team of PhDs making it work.

This product is aimed at website owners who want to drive more traffic to their website through PPC advertising, SEO or website optimisation. We will charge for the service but are affordably priced.

The logo must contain the following:

1) the words "contextured.com" in lower case and with no capitalisation.

2) an original icon/symbol that can be used to represent contextured in the same way the nike swoosh represents nike.

It is important that the icon has some relevance to the idea of contextual optimisation even if this is not immediately obvious. I'm not sure I can explain this point any further but the perfect design will be the one that best establishes a link between the idea of the business and the symbol in the design.

We are fairly open to colour combinations so long as they work well in the design and capture the spirit of the idea. The colours should make the design easy to read. The logo will be used both on the web and also in print.



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