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Kidzkuts is a brand new business offering kids in childcare centres great haircuts by professional hairdressers. Hairdressers who are fantastic with kids and their hair visit daycare centres that have become Kidzkuts members and cut and style the hair of pre-paid child-clients. Parents pre-pay online.

Kids love it because their friends are having a haircut at the same time and because the employed hairdressers are great with kids and give special treats such as stickers, balloons, hairclips etc.

Parents love it because its convenient and takes the hassle of trying to find a hairdresser on the weekend (who usually caters to adults) and the kids squiggle and squirm. And they order and pay easily on-line. However, it is critical they are confident their childs hair is cut by a fully professional, child-specialist hairdresser while at childcare/daycare because they won't be there to watch it happening. The childcare centres benefit from being able to provide another essential service to busy working parents at no cost to the centre and possibly receive a commission.

Kidzkuts stand for professional quality haircuts for kids; fun for kids in a familiar environment, convenient and quality assured for busy parents.

Currently there are only a few individual hairdressers servicing a few individual centres. Our goal is for Kidzkuts to service all childcare centres as a core service (like hot lunches and education programs). We want to cover this niche market with our great service.

When it comes to hairdressing, we think barbers are for men, salons are for women and kidzkuts are for kids.


A branding logo using the name Kidzkuts. With or without graphic

This logo is the cornerstone of our branding which covers brochures are given to parents via the childcare centre; the website where transactions take place, stationery, it needs to work well on large signs and easily understood from a distance yet able to work on small promotional items such as pencils, balloons, magnets (possibly t-shirts).

Easy to read at a distance.

Simple design, clean, bold.

Conveys professionalism and ease of use

Appealing to children - fun but not clownish or childish

Not feminine or masculine and more zest than unisex

Smooth, precision texture reflecting professional, attention to detail and high standards.

Kidzkuts is one word however it might work well to use different fonts, colours or letters for each word or I'm even open to separating Kidz from Kuts if that creates a better logo. Keen to see a designer's opinion on this.


Overall we want the logo to show we are fun, highly professional, easy to use and trustworthy.

We have 4 audiences:

1 First and foremost, the parents of small children (0-5 years) in daycare they are the paying customer they tend to be working, time-stretched and want the best for their child. They need steam-lined convenience and absolute confidence their child is receiving high quality care.

2 - the childcare centre directors and owners who agree for Kidzkuts to visit their centre/s every 6 weeks. They want confidence that this is a quality service and will not impact on their existing workload. So Kidzkuts must exude professionalism and steam-lined service

3 - the children who associate Kidzkuts with fun and a special event. 0-5 yrs old.

4 the hairdressers who are proud to be working for a high-quality, child-focused flexible organisation.

Please keep in mind: the business may extend in the future to include children aged between 5-12 yrs so the logo cannot exclusively about babies and toddlers.


We must have easy-to-read fonts clear to read on small items and from a distance on posters.

Instill a sense of confidence of professionalism and child-awareness.

Please avoid pastel colours too babyish

Please avoid anything too fussy or decorative

Im somewhat doubtful about using images of scissors as they inherently seem sharp and child-unfriendly especially to cautious parents however Im very happy to be challenged if your design still meets the criteria of instilling confidence in the parents their children are in good hands!



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