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The Keezletown Community Cannery is the only true can-your-own, non-profit cannery remaining in Virginia and it is one of the oldest in the United States. Located in the Shenandoah Valley, in a small town called Keezletown, the Cannery began in 1942 in the basement of an elementary school. As World War II was raging and food and supplies at home were rationed, people began growing victory gardens to supplement their food supply. They would can what they grew to ensure nothing went to waste. Until recently, the Cannery was owned and supported by Rockingham County. Due to recent budget cuts, however, the County decided to discontinue its support, and the Cannery was going to be shut down. A local non-profit organization, the Horizons Learning Foundation, took up the reins and is committed to preserving this important piece of area history. The HLF has taken over ownership for the purpose of keeping the cannery open and operating it as it has been operating for the past 57 years.


The Cannery needs a logo to market it to the public and help increase awareness, use and support. The Keezletown Community Cannery is a simple, drab white cinderblock one-room building with only the necessary canning equipment and tables to operate as a can-your-own facility. Except for a small pocket of older, loyal patrons (community groups and churches in particular) who have been using it for generations, the Cannery is little known to anyone else in the area. The HLF intends to launch a media blitz to get the word out about the Cannery still being open and the need to have community awareness, support and use to ensure that it remains open for years to come. In order to do this, the Cannery needs a logo from which all other marketing efforts will proceed. It needs to be a logo that speaks to Community above all else - but that also speaks to can-your-own and the health and economic benefits of growing/canning/preserving your own food. We are only interested in a logo at this point, but it will be used on everything else (our eventual website, stationery, clothing, labels for the cans, etc.) - so please keep this in mind in regards to screens/filters/file-types. Also realize that as a non-profit, the budget is very tight. We hope there will be enough interest in this worthy project to attract wonderful logo designs despite the minimal monetary reward. We also hope that our marketing blitz will help with needed funding and resources to maintain the Cannery's existence.


Our target audience is health-conscious, environmentally-conscious, community-oriented younger generation adults. We want to tap into the younger generation who frequent farmers markets, the organic food aisles in stores, and who may grown their own vegetables and/or would be interested in canning their own if they knew there was such a place to do so in their own community (and ESPECIALLY if they knew the history and non-profit status of the cannery so they could support the Cannery). That having been said, we don't want to alienate the older generation that knows and loves and uses the Cannery already. Community is the focus and the overall logo should really be cross-generational. There is also a secondary target audience of history buffs and educators who would be interested in visiting the cannery and perhaps offering monetary support. The HLF is planning on building a classroom museum at the entrance of the Cannery to display the history and heritage of it and to have a viewing window for school field trips so kids can actually see real food and understand that it does not grow on grocery store shelves! FYI, vegetables are not the only item that can be canned - many hunters are big canners of their meat (it keeps much longer than freezing).


We are open to any color, font, style. I have attached some photos of the building and the sad little sign that currently exists at the driveway entrance just for reference. I have also included an article that ran in the local paper in 2007 to give some background.


The logo must have the name Keezletown Community Cannery (spelled out) in the logo. Mention of non-profit needs to be included somewhere (technically, it's a 501 (c) (3) non-profit organization - which does not necessarily have to be referenced - 'non-profit' would suffice). We do not want it to be too busy or distracting. The Cannery is no-frills, utilitarian, practical and the logo should be in the same frame of reference - but eye catching and meaningful. For anyone not familiar with the Shenandoah Valley, it is a beautiful mountainous area of western/central Virginia and that may or may not play into some logo concepts, as they are being tossed around.



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