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Keep America Beautiful is a national nonprofit organization founded in 1953 and focused on preventing litter, reducing waste through educational programs and improved recycling, and beautifying communities through tree planting and community gardens/green spaces.

You could say that we were "green" before green was cool.

We accomplish our work through a network of nearly 1000 affiliated organizations in communities across the U.S., and nearly 3 million volunteers annually. Our affiliates are in communities of all sizes - from NYC and Los Angeles to tiny mountain towns in Arkansas and everywhere in between.

We do hard and dirty work - removing litter, planting trees, painting, hauling, recycling...and the result is natural beauty left behind. Let this be your guide.

Our audiences are varied - corporate, consumer, elected officials, kids.

We are considering a logo redesign and are looking for creative inspiration. Some requirements:

1. Logo should convey a sense of "American-ness" without going over-the-top on the flag waving or patriotism. No maps of the USA. No American flags, fireworks, or other lame conventions.

2. Logo should convey the concept of a strong and effective network, but simultaneously evoke the concept natural beauty. Mull over that one.

3. Logo should evoke our mission (above) without being another "me too" green-oriented logo. The space is cluttered. We want to stand apart.

4. Logo should be designed in color, but also work as both a 1 color (black) and reverse (white) format.

5. Logo should "work" and be readable/comprehensible at a smaller size, such as a secondary logo on another organization's business card.

Got what you need? Learn more about us at www.kab.org



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