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Kachingle is an online service for enabling content consumers to fund their favorite blogs, content and service sites with absolutely no hassle microtransactions. Our tag lines is "crowdfunding change" with the word change having two meanings 1) change in the sense that we are talking about cents, and 2) change in the sense that by providing financial support, albeit small for each contributor, if enough people do this it will add up to real money for the online content/service creator.

Ideally, Kachingle will solve many online monetization problems such as this one for newspapers "Lets Invent an iTunes for News" http://tinyurl.com/8l5n96.

In the Kachingle system there are buyers (Contributors a.k.a. Kachinglers who are consumers) and sellers (Recipients) e.g. blogs of all types, online content of all types ranging from news to databases to wikis to websites -- even photos, videos and music (eventually). Keep in mind that many Kachinglers (Contributors) are also content creators themselves (and therefore could also be Recipients if they have a blog, website, etc.). So the chicken-and-egg problem is somewhat solved by the chicken laying its own egg.

There are powerful social networking elements that enable Kachinglers to find each other. In particular, the Kachingler can display their kachingling activity on their online persona.

We are very excited to be using Crowdspring to help us with our logo design as Kachingle is also in a related space (crowdfunding, not crowdsourcing but very close). We have been advised by other startup companies that the best & most innovative designers are here on Crowdspring.

Please do not hesitate to be wildly creative. We want something different because we are not just another me-too online service, we are going to change the world!

We are launching in less than 30 days.


A logo for the website. However keep in mind that some part of the logo will also need to be turned into a widget for the Recipient sites/blogs. (You don't have to design this now...just make sure that it could flow from the logo design). [This widget cannot be too big, but it doesn't have to be microscopic either. It will appear on every page of a Recipient site/blog and have a drop-down menu when moused over.]


There are two target markets -- the buyers (Kachinglers) and the sellers (Recipients). We are mostly concerned about the buyers. They are likely to be highly into social networking (e.g. Facebook, Twitter, MySpace), many will be bloggers themselves, and they will be avid readers and participants in all types of online social interactive sites such as blogs (by commenting), flickr (photo sharing), YouTube, Twitter, etc. They will also feel strongly connected to some of these blogs, sites and services and be willing to shell out a small amount of change to voluntarily support it.


We've done a few designs and our problem is not that some of us don't like them, but that we cannot reach agreement. There is an aspect of our service that is fun and interactive, almost like a game, yet the purpose of the service is more lofty -- at its essence it's a financial transaction system (yes, sounds boring, but it's NOT boring). How do we convey "fun" and "interactive" and "all about me -- the Contributor" and yet still be something that looks solid and able to deal with real money?

See the attachments...here are our comments.

1. The inventor & marketing founder likes this design the best because it looks like the service will be interactive and fun. And it highlights that there are some game-like aspects. The other two engineering founders feels it looks childish.

2. This one is at the opposite end of the spectrum from the first, it looks businesslike and even somewhat like a newspaper. The engineering founders like this one. The marketing founder hates it.

3. We tried to meld our two visions and this is what we got. We aren't sure if we've got the best of both worlds or the worst. In any case, since we did this one ourselves, it is not designer quality. We all feel that we could live with something along these lines, although it is not the first choice for any of us.

As far as our target market? Unclear...


No piggybanks or pots at the end of the rainbow. Nothing that looks like tipping (this is not a tipping system). We do want to see coins, but they have to look like small change. Only coins, no paper money. Note that the name Kachingle is a play on words "Ka-ching" (sound of old cash register) and Jingle (small coins hitting each other melodiously. Can't be US-centric (we are planning world domination). Can't have a "donation" e.g. charity look; this is not charity, it's voluntary contributions. No chickens or eggs :-)



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